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We are all understandably upset upon receiving our new property assessments. The thought of paying dramatically increased property taxes in these difficult economic times is frightening. My new assessment is up 70% (condo in Basalt) from two years ago. This is a statewide problem and the result could be more bankruptcies and foreclosures exacerbating struggling local and state economies and slowing economic recovery. The GOOD NEWS is that the new tax rates are not in effect until 2010 and there may be time to make a difference.

Do you remember that we had a similar situation 2 years ago when the then new assessments went up an average of 40%? County wide? The difference then was that real estate values were booming and we were enjoying economic “good times.” Nevertheless the result in increased taxation created a “windfall” for all the local taxing districts. Many of our taxing districts are exempt from the Tabor Amendment, which requires mill levies to be adjusted to limit taxation. This doesn’t mean they CAN’T adjust the mill levies, it means they don’t HAVE TO. Look on your property tax bill to see who your taxes go to and contact them, urging an adjustment in their mill levy BEFORE BUDGET TIME IN THE FALL!

The other way we can make a difference is to contact state legislators to urge the passage of immediate, emergency legislation to change the state statute that dictates to County Tax Assessors’ offices statewide the formula and time tables they must follow. See the blue government pages in the phone book for names, addresses and phone numbers of our senators and representatives.

Some have suggested protesting at the Assessor’s office. Time and energy will be better spent contacting state legislators and local taxing districts.

Mary Ballou


As Americans, we all have the First Amendment right to decent. Freedom of speech. If Obama and his cronies have their way, the “Fairness Doctrine” will become law and eventually all avenues of open communication will be government controlled. Is that what you want?

Our traditional freedoms are crumbling before our eyes. It’s already mandatory to pay for the stupidity of others. Right now we are experiencing a lopsided one party system never envisioned by our founding fathers, an oligarchy resulting in an arbitrary, despotic government. Our constitution is designed to operate with two or more parties having open discussion on all issues resulting in what’s best for it’s constituents.

Don’t take your frustrations out on me because times are tough. You got what you voted for. Admit your mistake. Congress makes all the laws and passes all the budgets. They all even voted to go to war. It’s been a one party show since 2006, only now we have a Democratic president which eliminated a check and balance giving all the power to one party from the top down.

Obama in the last 100+ days has tripled our deficit, taken over the banking and auto industry and next in it’s sights, health care even though Medicare and Medicaid are going bankrupt.

The stimulus bill (which no one read) turned into a liberal spending wish list that is retarding, not hastening recovery. Obama said he would create and /or protect 3.675 million jobs in his 1st two years. That means creating 249,000 new jobs /month for the next 20 months. What do you think?

Did you know that the Dept. of Energy was created under the Carter administration in 1977 to lessen our dependence on foreign oil and now has a budget of $24.2 billion/year, 16,000 employees, and 100,000 contract employees? We should all be appalled.

It’s not me who doesn’t get it, it’s people like you. Get your head out of the sand or wherever it’s stuck and wake up before it’s too late.

That’s why I exercise my right to write letters.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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