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I too am protesting the rise in homeowner/landowner tax’s in Garfield County. As if these past few years have not been hard enough here in Garfield County, with the gas invasion, ruination of our land, roads, and the air we breath. We are now facing a huge increase with minimal protests from our County Commissioners. Where did all the million in tax money from the gas companies go? I don’t see any new parks or roads being fixed. In fact I have not seen much of anything come from that pocket-money. Maybe someone needs to investigate that rumor… hear there are some deep pockets in this county and one of them ain’t mine! I too will protest any tax increase, I will attend all meetings in which public outcry can be heard. I won’t just sit in my rocking chair for this one. I am sick of government bailouts and big company spending. This little gal is hot under the collar and ready for action. Stand up Garfield County and let’s make a mark for the blue collar workers who work hard for their money.

Lori Anderson Thompson


The end of an era has arrived and I am forced to make the sad and inevitable move to liquidate the entire Sounds Easy Video inventory and close our doors forever. Although we have had several people interested in taking over the operation of this community icon, nothing has materialized to make this a reality.

In the classic Hitchcock film “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” Doris Day sang the song “Que Sera, Sera.” This song resonates with this moment in the history of Sounds Easy Video … whatever will be, will be.

On Saturday, May16, we began the sale of thousands of movies. Choose from hard-to-find classics, documentaries, out-of-print titles, Disney films, kids movies, foreign films, award winners, cult classics, new releases and so, so much more. This is a 26-year collection of some of the greatest movies ever made. Sounds Easy will remain open until May 31 or until the last movie is “Gone Baby Gone.”

I hope you can come by this weekend, or anytime during the next couple of weeks, share some stories, visit with friends, pick up a few movies and celebrate with us the closing of … “The Greatest Video Store in the World” (a young customer).

Much Gratitude

Staci L. Dickerson


Can change really happen?

I read multiple newspapers almost every day and I read the same thing over and over: Obama, Bush, Iraq, and “Change.”

Because of our new president and his diversity, in a short period of time, Barack Obama has become the new face for America and has deceived us all. During the time of his candidacy, Obama promised us many things including less or fair taxing, free health care and getting our troops out “immediately”, which a lot of us have yet to see ” like our fellow Glenwood citizens who brought the Tea Party Act back to life. He is already breaking promises he was to keep by keeping our troops in Iraq until further notice.

Another thing that people must realize is that the president isn’t really the person who is running our country. It’s the people behind Obama’s face who’s making plans and designs for our “greater good”, and with Obama (who like many of our previous presidents) are socialists and are dropping the vail over our eyes.

It’s like going to Burger King and not getting your order right. So you go to the cashier and complain (who represent the courts). If that person isn’t doing you justice, you say “I want to see your manager” who is the president. But you never get to see the actual man who created Burger King. Now that’s the person you need to take it up with.

So what I’m trying to say is Obama cannot drastically change our country, maybe a few tax deductions here and there but nothing more. He’s like all the rest, just putting on a smile and doing what he’s told to keep us all from chaos. We need to take back the streets, together.

Jasmine Gonzalez

Glenwood Springs

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