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It’s easy to vilify Bush and his accomplishments or lack of because his term is over. Obama hasn’t even been in office for a year yet and you doubt this man?

Did you know that a majority of historians polled rated Bush as the worst President in history? So, I am not alone either in my thinking. And the whole fact of us attempting to get other means of fuel is because it is ruining our environment. We can find other environmentally friendly ways of traveling in this world.

I ride my bike the majority of the time. So, I don’t just preach, I actually have actions behind what I say and believe. If you don’t believe in the “junk science of environmentalism” and you want actual proof of what your vehicle does to this world why don’t you for an hour go sit on Grand Avenue and breath in the air during rush hour. Then tell me that vehicles and fuel don’t damage the Earth. So, Bob and Stan and everyone else that seems to think Global Warming is fake and that Obama is going to ruin the world needs to stop.

Being materialist and greedy isn’t acceptable in this world anymore. I’m tired of these big CEO’s getting $100,000 bonuses. An average American doesn’t even make that in a year. I’m tired of seeing these huge Hummers that get like 12 gallons to the mile. When do you need a Hummer? Where’s sand in Colorado? You can’t even four wheel in the things cause they’re too big. If all of us would just get back to the basics of loving each other and being kind to strangers we’d be living in a better world.

Please, give me one example of what laws Obama is passing that are invading our privacy and showing you socialism? And I would like to thank the editor and this paper for being so great at letting the community voice their opinions no matter what they may be.

Mariane Maynard

Glenwood Springs

Dear Mr. Raymond,

Recently, you acted as an angel to my father, Jack Wilson (93), and I would like to express my deep appreciation for your kindness and generosity. Since I live in Ohio, I am writing instead of coming to see you.

As you may well recall, he brought in a 30+ year old, Smith Corona electric typewriter to ask if you could repair. Since he does not use a computer and has arthritis in his hands, the typewriter has been his only means of written communication with family and friends for years. An articulate and expressive man, my father writes letters of condolences, birthday greetings, letters to the editor, and uplifting response to friends, relatives, and family. He labors over these letters with the hope and expectation that they will encourage and support the reader. Through the years, we have all come to expect and anticipate these letters on special occasions. Unfortunately, his typewriter simply stopped and appeared broken forever.

However, two weeks ago, he drove into Glenwood, came to your store, and asked for any assistance. Immediately, you took the broken typewriter, repaired, and cleaned it for him. What a gift, and my father was absolutely overjoyed and back into the business of writing! But that is not the end to a beautiful story. You went an additional step when he asked the cost and simply stated that your work was free with no charge. My father was surprised and tremendously grateful!

Obviously, you recognized that this man truly was a writer in need of a working typewriter as well as a senior citizen. Your gift in repair time can not match the gift of your spirit. Finding such business men as yourself in today’s time is rare and unusual. I wanted to write and thank you for acting as a good Samaritan in a true time of need. Thank you and best wishes for you and your business. Glenwood Springs is fortunate to have you and your business in their community.

Janice Yoder

Columbus, Ohio

In Obama’s autobiography “Dreams from My Father” he writes of Reverend Wright’s first sermon blaming “white folks greed” for “a world of greed”. Obama remarked “I felt tears running down my cheek”. That’s when Obama joined Wright’s church. Do you think that had anything to do with his mindset to “spread the wealth”?

Doesn’t Obama’s close friend Bill Ayers, a bomb-planting, American hating, flag denigration imbecile who co-founded the domestic terrorist group of the 60’s, the “Weather Underground” which had bombed a dozen buildings including the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol and some police stations; a guy who was photographed jumping on an American flag, who was interviewed after the 9/11 attack killing 3,000 Americans said “the country makes me want to puke” … doesn’t that association send up a red flag as to Obama’s intentions? What is the President of the USA doing having a friend like a Bill Ayers?

What exactly are Obama’s intentions? It seems to me he’s on a fast track to bankrupt our country. The defeat of the USA without even firing a shot, his philosophy is right out of the Communist Manifesto. He is a hard-line follower of the teachings of Saul Alinsky, his mentor, a Chicago born agitator of the 1930’s. Obama is a product of two very radical leaning universities, Columbia and Harvard. (No ROTC program at either school, kicked off campus in the ’60s).

So, for all Obama’s campaign promises such as immediate withdrawal from Iraq, abolishing the Patriot Act, dissolving NAFTA, transparency in government, eliminating lobbyists, closing Gitmo (nowhere to send the worst of the worst murdering human beings on the planet), and my favorite, cleaning up government (the years biggest joke as he appoints a slew of tax cheats too numerous to list). This narcissistic (self-worshipper, pathological liar), inexperienced, immature man with no resume couldn’t act on his promises , and he knew it. Hopefully, the party in charge, overrun with losers, will “change” course and think rationally. Just remember, when you fear your government, it’s tyranny. But when your government fears you, it’s liberty. In your mind where are we?

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

I am writing this open letter to express to the Garfield County Commissioners that I am keenly interested in conducting the additional due diligence investigations concerning identifying potential land parcels for the possibility of moving the County Fairgrounds.

The Post Independent article “Realtors Proposing Moving Fairgrounds,” published May 19, was quite enlightening. Heck, I didn’t even know the Commissioners were considering moving the Fairgrounds. It seems to me the gentlemen offering the Gentry parcel, who are also representing the current owner of said parcel, have an absolute conflict. According to their statements, they have paid $75,000 of their own money to discover their client’s parcel is perfect for the relocation. Yet, in an effort to ensure they get paid no matter the outcome, these gentlemen have requested the County Commissioners (read County taxpayers) fund their future due diligence efforts, to the tune of $70,000. Brilliant. I wish I would have thought of that.

Commissioners, if you are serious about this effort, please put this out to competitive bid. I, for one, have no conflicts of interest.

Eric McCafferty

Glenwood Springs

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