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The public is cordially invited to the dedication of the Cody Brickell/Alec Littler Memorial established at the Glenwood Springs High School, on Friday, May 22, at noon.

The memorial is located just left of the entrance to the stadium, in an area that will provide a nice gathering place for students. Both young men, from the Class of 2003, were exceptional both in high school and beyond. This beautiful tribute to Cody and Alec would not have been possible without the help of others in this community.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Pam Pine, Tom Betts, Rick Abernathy and his son John, and Jesus Arroyo of Pine Stone; Dannie Fugita, Mark Burner and Scott Miller of S2M Construction Co.; Phil Long of Lafarge; Joe O’Donnell, John Bone, George Morris and Rick Abernathy of the Glenwood Springs Kiwanis Club; Coach Don Miller; Hugh and Molly Macpherson of Glenwood Gardens; the ladies of the No Name Book Group, especially Susan Rice; Anne Stevens, Bob’s sister; Fran Orosz of Roaring Fork Rentals; the GSHS wrestlers; Don Howanick and Russ Hermanson of MPA Consulting Engineers; and of course, Paul Freeman, principal of GSHS and the Roaring Fork School District Re-1.

Bob Littler, Penny Farquhar, Carlyn Farquhar, and Pearce Littler

Guy, Lynette, Cassie and Tiffany Brickell

I was just over on Midland Avenue today and went over two new speed bumps, more like joy bumps.

Watching as the speed bumps were being built, I knew they will not slow traffic and are “fun” for the speeders. One thing about the new speed bumps, they are the smoothest ride of all of Midland. And whoever thought of putting a speed bump at a stop sign?

Whoever did the planning for these so-called speed bumps, should have their heads examined, and quit wasting the taxpayers’ money. Maybe the city planners should look at the Post Office speed bump.

Planters $$; Solar speed signs $$; Joy Bumps $$$$

How much more wasteful spending for Midland Avenue?

JoAnn Kubik

Glenwood Springs

Our local Boy Scout Troop 225 works together with its sponsor, Elks Lodge No. 2286, to collect and appropriately dispose of damaged American flags.

A disposal bin was established and has been in operation for about two years outside of the city/county complex on Eighth Street in front of the county jail entrance.

We collect many flags for disposal in formal Scout ceremonies conducted by our troop and by other troops on the Western Slope to whom we provide flags. The flags are honored and then burned. The number of disposed flags has become significant, and we are grateful that Farnum-Holt Funeral Home uses their crematorium to appropriately dispose of these extra flags.

I am writing to thank Farnum-Holt and the many citizens who have participated in this program, including one who recently included a small cash donation with their disposed flag, and to encourage people to continue to use this service in the disposal of the symbol of our country.

It is appropriate to display the American flag on any day during daylight hours and during the night if the flag is illuminated. It is an important symbol and reminder of our freedoms and of the sacrifices that so many have made over the centuries to maintain our freedoms and our republic.

It is also timely to remind everyone of Flag Day, which occurs on June 14. Flag Day was declared by the Elks Lodge in 1907, and in 1949 President Truman declared June 14 a national day of observance for that purpose. Our annual, brief Flag Day ceremony will be held at the Elks Lodge No. 2286 on Highway 6 at 5 p.m. that day. All are welcome to attend.

David C. Hallford

Elks Lodge No. 2286

Government is keeping busy deepening our financial hole

I was in a financial hole. I was advised to “keep digging.” I kept digging but I was still in the hole. It was deeper now and chances of climbing out were getting even more risky all the time.

I consulted my financial gurus. The message was, “Keep digging. Something will come up.” So I kept digging and discovered I could no longer see daylight at noon. I had dug myself a financial hole from which even the tallest, most agile professional basketball star could not leap. If something was going to “come up,” it certainly wasn’t me.

Then, I woke up. I was dreaming. This was not my own created deep dig. I’m currently in fairly good shape due to working, investments and savings. I had not dug deeper. It is my governor, Legislature, president and Congress of the United States that are digging the hole for me. They found the state of Colorado and the United States in a deep hole and now they are digging as fast as they can to deepen it.

My problem is that I am in only “lower middle class shape.” Our government entities are trimming more and more from my “lower middle class shape.” Not only through taxes are they confiscating my assets and those I have set up for my heirs. Oh no, it is fees, freezes and other dodges. They are spending money now on projects that can be deferred for recovered financial times. However, votes are being bought with taxpayers’ monies and on the backs of productive and retired citizens and their heirs. Where does it all end?

The tax rebel.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

If you are concerned about your property taxes going up in Basalt/Eagle County, then you need to be concerned about the approval of 319 homes and 96,375 square feet of commercial space at the El Jebel Tree Farm off Highway 82. The project is marketed as environmentally progressive and to include 169 deed restricted units starting at $210,000 for a studio, but ultimately the project is being built for a profit.

Basalt will be responsible for providing schools, teachers and other infrastructure for this development. The developer estimates that this development will add more than 60 elementary school children alone to Basalt.

There are already 400-600 residential units and commercial space in the area that have been approved but not built. There is plenty of empty commercial space and idle foundations around this proposed project.

Rather than complain a few years down the road about the traffic congestion around El Jebel/Willits and tax increases, voice your objections now to the Eagle County commissioners at Go to contact under Commissioners (Sara Fisher, Peter Runyon and Jon Stavney) or call them at (970) 328-8605. Let’s wait until the approved units are built and occupied at Willits, Shadowrock, etc., and see if there is more demand.

Cathleen Krahe

Missouri Heights

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