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Here are some ideas for the betterment of our country. Let’s start by limiting members of Congress to serving for no more than two terms. This would stop many political abuses.

Stop congress from voting for their own raises. How many of us would like to do that?

Stop paying for lawmakers high priced insurance premiums. Maybe if they had to purchase their own insurance the might pay attention to insurance companies and we wouldn’t need socialized medicine for everyone to be able to afford insurance coverage.

Stop paying lawmakers their full salary for retirement. Did you know they earn that pension plan after serving just one term? That is quite the retirement package. Don’t you wish you qualified for 100% of your salary for the rest of your life after just four years?

Make Congress pay into the Social Security System. If they had to depend on Social Security for their retirement, I bet they would make sure Social Security wasn’t going to be bankrupt by 2017, which is where it is heading at present.

Stop handing out aid to illegal aliens. Create work visa’s for all the folks that are already here so they can be identified and start paying their share. Give them an opportunity to work towards becoming citizens if they wish, or let them renew the work visa’s for as long as they want. Punish the employers who give jobs to illegals, deport those that don’t want to play by the rules.

Secure our border. The world is not always a friendly place, lets make sure the people visiting us are people we want visiting us.

Implement a security system that cross checks Social Security numbers with fingerprints to stop fraud on many levels. Use the same system on voter registrations.

President’s don’t make these changes, Congress does. Congress states that they are against deficits, earmarks, and abuse, but we still have deficits, earmarks and abuse. Make your message loud and clear by changing out the members of Congress. They are obviously not interested in making any changes of their own volition …

Joe Blanc


My wife and I have started tossing the idea around of buying a new car. The problem is whatever we buy will likely be a hand-me-down to my oldest son and I can’t bare the thought of handing down a car to him that doesn’t get at least 50 mpg. We could buy the average car today and my son in the year 2019 would be driving a car that is less efficient than the first Ford model T build nearly 100 years earlier.

The same applies to producing electricity. If we as a society are going to invest in electricity production, it makes no sense to make a 50 year investment in technology that is 50 years old ” such as coal-fired power. Holy Cross Energy has made good progress in encouraging energy efficiency with their customers and the next step is investing in clean energy generation.

Marshall Foote and Adam Palmer are running for the Holy Cross Board and are both committed to investing in clean energy as an investment for future generations. If you’re a Holy Cross customer you likely just received a ballot in the mail. Please vote for Marshall Foote and Adam Palmer for the Holy Cross Energy Board of Directors.

Dan Richardson


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