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My “musings” over the past several years have touched on many issues facing our society today. They have been short, concise and factually based observations. The data supporting any single observation has been enormous. I can continue to muse over all this data, the role of a “philosopher,” or I can come to a conclusion, the role of a “scientist.”

This data has shown me:

– Our public schools are preparing our children for $12/hour jobs, not the $50/hour jobs we need in America.

– Our SAT scores now rank us in the 26th place among other nations. In the 1970s, we were in first place.

– We are now in a “global economy.” Many nations now enjoy a better economy, and associated increase in standard of living, than they used to have. But all of the benefits globally have been at a cost locally to us in America. Our quality of life is diminishing.

– Our federal, state and local expenses continue to rise well beyond our tax revenues, adding to our U.S. debt.

– Our U.S. debt is currently 75 percent of GDP. In the 1970s it was 35 percent of GDP. This debt is backed by U.S. Treasury certificates. These “certificates” go down in value as our debt increases, taking with them the value of our U.S. dollar. The major holders of this debt, China and Japan, will soon find it not to be in their economic interest to continue to buy more of our debt. Then what?

The United States of America is a nation in decline. The inertia of this decline is already too great to be affected by the actions of this, or any administration. Our quality of life today is exceptional. Soon, within the next 10 to 20 years, it will be mediocre.

Pete Simmons

Battlement Mesa

I add my voice to those who want the Post Independent to continue publishing Stan Rachesky’s letters. No one’s opinions should be prohibited. I guess that he is retired or unemployed and needs an outlet for his frustration and anger.

But we need Mr. Rachesky also. Those of us who don’t listen to talk radio can learn what Rush Limbaugh’s latest up-chuck was from those letters. And we need to be frequently reminded how easily duped and totally stupid the majority of us are for voting for the current administration as compared to Mr. Rachesky’s superior intellect.

Gerry Terwilliger


While driving home Friday afternoon, driving past the Drunk Trap (for lack of a better description) at 13th and Midland I commented to my Nephew that some unsuspecting motorist was going to drive into the unmarked open hole in the middle of Midland. Sure enough at approximately 2 a.m. Saturday, less than 36 hours after Midland was opened, after the traffic calming enhancements were installed, they claimed their first victim. Someone driving northbound did drive into the open hole, causing damage to the Drunk Trap and apparently major damage to the automobile.

At 5:30 a.m. I walked down to look at the traffic control devices and signage on Midland to see what actually was in place. Southbound there is a 20 mph sign, a bump sign and some diagonal striping to delineate the obstruction in the middle of Midland. There is no signage warning of a narrowing roadway, obstruction ahead or open hole.

Northbound there is only a bump sign. The only visible striping is the double yellow centerline, which leads directly to the center of the Drunk Trap. The striping for the turn lane at 13th is not visible. The unsuspecting motorist was apparently following the double yellow striping, which led the driver directly to the center of the unmarked obstruction in the middle of Midland.

Only in Glenwood Springs can you find an unmarked obstruction and open hole in the middle of a heavily used roadway.

The city knows better and needs to have safety as a priority and not allow something like this to happen again before someone is seriously injured.

Jim Terry

Glenwood Springs

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