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It’s interesting that Ryan Legg, in defending his scurrilous attack on the peaceful “Tea Party” protesters recently, claims they “have no idea what they are protesting,” and that their legitimate complaints were “a deliberate abuse of their first amendment rights.” I beg to differ.

He appears to echo confused pundits on the far left, like arrogant actress Janeane Garofalo, who lambasted said protesters, labeling them “racists” and related slurs, presumably because they criticized an administration led by a black man. Sure, more astute analysis from leftist idealogues.

Legg declared he has yet to hear “a single reasonable explanation how our government resembles a socialist regime.” Simply amazing. He evidently limits the sources of his information, probably sticking to MSNBC news and nut-job left-wing websites.

I’ll break it to you gently, Randy, er, I mean Ryan: This administration is without doubt the most socialist in our history, and it’s barely six months old. It has presided over the most massive redistribution of wealth ever, amassing a staggering $3-4 trillion of debt, at ours and our descendants’ expense … and more to come.

To rejuvenate the failing U.S. auto industry, it has taken steps to assume leadership of the institution, beginning with Obama firing and replacing the CEO of General Motors, Rick Waggoner.

The same is basically true of banks and finance companies. The government has, under the direction of the tax cheating Treasury Secretary, begun to subsidize mortgages, and is putting increasing pressure on lending institutions. It also seeks to determine executive salaries. Heretofore our government never assumed such power.

And that $1 trillion “stimulus,” which we will be repaying for decades … where’s the money? In many cases, the government cannot account for it. Many financial experts predict hyper-inflation (because of out-of-control printing of currency), and a possible collapse of our economy. More on that, later.

Evidently, hyper-lefties still struggle recognizing the truth, and always will.

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

I am beyond tired of Bush administration apologists cloaking their “harsh interrogation” methods with the euphemism “policies.” They are cynically attempting to blur the important distinction between strategy (what to do) and tactics (how to do it). And none of the bright bulbs in the Obama administration have called them on it, to my knowledge.

The actual “policy” was to remove “enemy combatants” from the field of battle and then try to obtain useful information from them. Most Americans likely agree with that policy. But the methods used (the tactics) included water boarding, which the United States and its allies considered to be and prosecuted as “torture” when it was used by the Japanese on Allied troops during World War II, and other means of inflicting “extreme distress.” And many Americans, myself, President Obama and Sen. McCain included, disagree with those methods.

Words matter, as former VP Cheney is well aware. Calling what was done “policies” is a semantical effort to insulate those tactics from criticism and inquiry. Whether there should be an investigation into how the legitimate policy was implemented, including what Speaker Pelosi knew and when she knew it, is a question that the word game attempts to avoid because it is harder to frame and address when the subject is called past “policies” rather than conduct or tactics.

And as to the defense of the methods as having been effective in getting critical information, even if that is proven to be true, which it hasn’t at this point, I like what one guy said on the radio: It’s like catching a shoplifter and calling him a thief, to which he replies, “Call it what you will, but look at all the really neat stuff I got.”

David Hallford

Glenwood Springs

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