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I want to thank the mayor and the Glenwood Springs City Council members for approving their letter to the Colorado Congressional Delegation asking for the repeal of the exemption on the hydraulic fracturing process. It figures that the gas industry companies would try to derail the efforts of the City Council. This is a good example of their “gas washing” tactics. “Gas washing” ” meaning the gas industry’s attempt to brain wash the public as usual.

They do not understand that citizens are becoming upset about gas drilling near precious water supplies and spring water sources. The Glenwood City Council and Mayor Christensen are trying to protect their community from potential water pollution, resulting from the hazardous drilling practices that gas companies continue to hide from the public.

As the gas drilling inches its way toward Glenwood Springs, the community needs to be aware that many bad drilling practices are going on as we speak. For example, Encana, was caught last week on film bull-dozing a large waste pit containing toxic drilling fluids on one of their sites near Silt. This site is near, or on top of, a spring water source. How Encana got a permit from the COGCC to drill there, I do not know.

I encourage the public to check out the website ” ” which contains numerous photos of Encana doing their best to hide toxic waste fluids underground. This is why municipalities need to act swiftly to protect community water sources. I commend the Glenwood Springs City Council and Mayor Christensen on the fight for the protection of the health of their community with this letter.

Randy Fricke

Interim President

Grand Valley Citizens Alliance

New Castle

Just the facts please. Obama has spent over a million dollars blocking the lawsuits about his still missing birth certificate. We still have not seen Obama’s selective service record, medical records, multiple visas, college transcripts, et al. The Obama administration/DHS has called our military a potential domestic terrorist.

Undermining the foundation of American’s security, our military and intelligence agencies by disclosing interrogation memos, and planning to release photographs associated with military probes into prisoner abuse.

Given the actions of Obama in recent days, one wonders how many soon-to-be released state secrets have been gathered by traitors, and hidden in the dark recesses of Washington awaiting the Manchurian Candidate’s command to publish them. Dare call it treason !!!

We must not betray the heroic men and women who risk his or her life for our country … The DNA of true Americans! “Freedom and Liberty run in our blood.”

Nell Conklin


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