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Jim Childers’ letter blaming the Republicans and in particularly, President Bush, for the State of the Union does not take into account the fact that the Democrats ruled both the House and the Senate for the last four years.

The approval rating for Congress is lower than the president’s. What were the Democrats doing for the last four years?

The fact is both Clinton and Obama supported attacking Iraq. Now they are both saying they were against the war from the beginning. I viewed the video tapes where both Clinton and Obama supported Bush 100 percent, and you can watch that uncut video on the Internet.

I don’t know who the Republicans are going to run for president, but I do know that if either Clinton or Obama are elected, this nation will face more than war across the sea.

Both of these candidates made speeches at the National Council of La Raza promising Janet Murguia, the President of La Raza, that their first act of business would be to pass an immigration law granting immunity to the millions of illegal aliens in this country.

If this country is in recession or heading that way, it does not make sense to give millions of illegal immigrants citizenship, making it legal for them to take jobs Americans will need.

To be honest, I don’t know of one candidate running for president that I would support totally, Democrat or Republican. In my opinion, what we need is a man or woman that has not made over a $100,000 a year in their lives, works at least 40 hours a week, pays their taxes, sends their children to public schools, drives to work in an American-made car, struggles to pay health insurance, has a child in the military and would rather tell you the truth than a lie that makes you feel better. Oh, and had his pay reduced because the company he works for could hire an illegal for less pay.

Now that would be someone qualified to run this country.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

In response to Joe Gavito’s whining on non-delivery of the newspaper. (Glenwood Springs Post Independent, Jan. 17, 2008)

Sounds to me like you have a whole lot of extra time on your hands, Mr. Gavito. I, too, pay for delivery of a “free newspaper.” If it’s not there in the morning, I give my carriers a break.

Yes, this is Colorado, and we do get snow in the winter, however the amount of snow we have had this year is enormous. I’m sure it’s been fun for your carrier trying to get up East Elk Creek to deliver your paper so you can read it while enjoying your coffee in the morning, if East Elk Creek is even plowed that early.

Please remember, Mr. Gavito, a lot of these carriers are elderly individuals trying to supplement their income, along with college students trying to work while attending school.

I would rather have the newspaper carriers safe and get my newspaper later if the roads are bad, than have someone get hurt just so they can get your paper to you at the crack of dawn.

I would like to thank my carrier for his or her service, and appreciate the fact that I get my newspaper, and hope you arrive home safely.

I also think, Mr. Gavito, it would be a good idea to cancel your service and read it free at the Silt Cafe. I’m sure your carrier would really appreciate it also.

Wow! Get a life or find something worthwhile to gripe about besides your newspaper!

Sonya L. Doyal


Bob Keenan advocates in a letter (Post Independent Feb. 7) the very unlikely prospect (given they have less than eleven months left in office) of the impeachment of both the president and vice president. He then states, “I would much rather trust the current Secretary of State to do a better job …”

Mr. Keenan’s opinions on impeachment are his own. But his facts, like former Secretary of State Al Haig’s during the Reagan assassination attempt, are clearly wrong in that he has clearly confused the Presidential Order of Succession. Under the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, 3 U.S.C. § 19, if the president and vice president are impeached, dies, is incapacitated, etc., the order of succession is as follows: the (1) vice president of course (impeached under Mr. Keenan’s scenario), then (2) the speaker of the house (President Pelosi!), (3) then the president pro tem of the Senate (Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia); and then, and only then, the (4) secretary of state (President Rice anyone?). The order then descends down the cabinet from the (5) secretary of the treasury, (6) to the secretary of defense, (7) the attorney general, all the way to the (18) secretary of homeland security (in the unlikely event everyone else is incapacitated or dead). Remember also, these persons can only become president via succession if they are qualified to do so under Article II of the U.S. Constitution, meaning they must be naturally born U.S. citizens (sorry Henry Kissinger), at least 35 years old, not served two terms as president previously (no Secretary of State Bill Clinton becoming president again), etc.

So, Mr. Keenan, if both Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney were impeached (again, an unlikely option given we have an election for a new president this November) the secretary of state would not become president, Speaker Nancy Pelosi would.

Anthony F. Hershey

Glenwood Springs

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