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Our government leaders are morons if they think they can create and operate a National Health Care program when the government cant even run Amtrak, the post office, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. All 5 of these government run programs are going bankrupt.Medicare is a bureaucratic nightmare. In 2008, the government accounting office (GAO) estimated 33%(1 in 3) of all disbursements were improper or fraudulent. It was even approving orthopedic shoes for amputees.Tom Daschle (tax cheat) says health care reform will not be pain free. Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age, instead of treating them. Youll be happy to know our fearless government leaders have their own private health care plan including Daschle. Did you know that theres an alternative to National Health Care its called the Patients Choice Act. It provides a way to apply universal coverage for individuals, and guarantees insurance to patients with pre-existing conditions. The plan redirects money to individuals in the form of refundable advanced tax credits giving families $5,700 a year, and individuals $2,300 a year to buy their own health insurance and invest in a Health Saving Account which is a better alternative. Low income Americans would also get a $5,000 supplemental debit card to help them pay out of pocket expenses. One forth of the unspent money could be rolled over to the next year.What it simply boils down to is National Health Care vs. the Patients Choice Act its a choice of who will control the health care system politicians and regulators, or doctors and patients (thats you). Thats the crux of the health care debate.If you are confused over these two proposed plans, take the time to find out what is more beneficial for you and your family. Just be very aware that a federally run health care program is not free and will not only cost you (the taxpayer) big bucks , but will result in subpar health care.Stan RacheskyGlenwood Springs

Please consider establishing property taxes based on the July 1, 2006 assessed property values rather than the new values that have been assessed as of July 1, 2008. It is apparent to us that 2008 represented a peak in assessed values, showing extravagant increases of 30% to 50% since 2006. It is also apparent that since mid-2008 actual values have declined dramatically. Further, the March 16, 2009 Colorado Supreme Court decision preventing local mill-levy rates from going down means that these rates cannot be decreased and will carry through to our property tax bills. Imposing dramatic property tax increases on all of us, both residential and commercial, will further imperil already financially-stressed homeowners and businesses, exacerbating an already troubling economic environment. Please let us know what you think. In your view, would this be a feasible solution or do you have another solution to offer? What roadblocks can you foresee?Thanks for your consideration.Nancy & Roy DavidsonCarbondale

I thought I had heard it all until now! In reference to Jim Terrys letter, when did we become so concerned about the safety of intoxicated drivers behind the wheel rather than pedestrians, children riding their bicycles, and people walking their dogs across the street? Mr. Terry, you obviously have no children walking to the bus stop each morning, or at least I hope not.I do not think we should be concerned with the safety of intoxicated drivers speeding through our neighborhoods.Kim FeganGlenwood Springs

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