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Dedicated to the Class of 2009 from Roy Moore Elementary.

I invite you to remember an assignment that you were given nine years ago in third grade. A first-year teacher who absolutely loved all of her students, but was extremely frustrated by the constant chorus of “I can’t,” asked her class to get out a piece of paper. Issues from little to big were piling up. She had heard it all: I can’t write in cursive, I can’t multiply, I can’t write a paragraph, I can’t make friends, I can’t follow the class rules because my parents are getting a divorce.

The “I can’t” was taking over the “I can,” and nothing was getting done. She asked her students to write down all of their “I can’ts,” every single one, then realized that she had a few of her own to write down as well. After an unusually long moment of concentration and silence, the class lined up, papers in hand and walked outside. The teacher had a box and a shovel. She dug a hole. The students helped her dig, then everyone dropped their paper into the box. It was buried with ceremony. The “I can’t” died, and the time of “I can” began.

The plan was to dig up the box a few years later and reflect on what we wrote. I did go back, much digging, no box. (We should have made a map.) Regardless, I invite each of you to think about your “I can’ts”. The simple things that you struggled with in third grade that you have now learned to do with ease. As for some of the more difficult issues, hopefully you’ve learned to work through them or to let them go with grace. Now as you transition into the next phase of your life, step with courage and pride. You have learned so much in the last nine years. So as you face your future challenges remember to say I can, and if you can’t, write it down and bury it in a box.


Megan Dean (aka Ms. A)

Glenwood Springs

President Reagan increased the national deficit; therefore, he was a stark raving socialist. Bush Sr. promised, “No new taxes”, and then passed one of the largest tax increases in history; ergo, he too was a pesky socialist. Clinton liked money, did well with it, made us some of it ” must have been a socialist! (Bush Jr. was not intelligent enough to understand socialism, so we’ll let him off the hook on this one.)

When you say it out loud, it sounds funny, doesn’t it Mr. Herbst?

The extreme right believed our economy of four months ago to be fundamentally strong ” they are actually upset that something has been done by the opposition that is beginning to work! They feel we should have done nothing at all…and they manage to hint at this with a straight face.

What would have happened if Obama had just handed GM that last bailout without reviewing their mismanagement? The right would have gone on the warpath. But he did take corrective measures, and BAM!, he’s a socialist.

I’m not familiar with the left-wing nut websites that Mr. Herbst seems to be an authority on, nor do I watch MSNBC. I get my news from CNN, sometimes NBC. Are they also actively engaged in societies of underground socialist networks?

It is this kind of delusional thought and paranoia that have made Rush Limbaugh such a sensation. It needs not be sensible or factual, just comical and absurd and there are people that will listen for a laugh if for no other reason.

The current administration is no more socialist than they are communist or, for that matter, a dictatorship. But I suppose your little tea parties are a way to keep you whackos off the streets, and are admittedly harmless, if a little embarrassing.

So have fun out there, y’all, and check your spelling before you leave the house this time. And remember, keep a keen eye out for those socialists ” they’re probably lurking everywhere…

Ryan (Randy) Legg


On Memorial Day I visited the Colorado State Veterans Nursing Home in Rifle, attended their ceremony and spent some time with many and with the wonderful staff that cares for and loves them. On the stone sign as you enter are the words “Caring For Our Nation’s Heroes.” They share the same fire in the belly as the men and women now serving to preserve our rights and freedom in our armed forces everywhere. The flame may have at one time raged higher when required but it is still there.

I looked around the room and thought, how many stories of hardship, sacrifice and pain could be told by those in this room in their efforts to fight for freedom for this country and for the world. I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to them all along with those currently serving in our military.

My parents were also members of the “Greatest Generation.” Now more than ever I appreciate their hardships of going through the Great Depression and World War II as young people in the mining town of Leadville. I certainly don’t speak for the people at the Veterans Home, I speak for myself.

The United States has been the most humane, generous and successful civilized nation in the world and has sacrificed the blood of its young people to save the liberty of those in nations around the world, twice within the last century for those in Europe whose citizenry, except for some courageous resistance fighters, lacked the determination and resolve to stand up to tyranny, and they paid a huge price in blood.

I do want the United States to be successful in remaining a country as intended by the constructors of the Constitution of the United States and not as interpreted by the liberals. Yes, I do want Obama to be a failure if he takes us down the path of socialism as in Europe. If Obama is not capable or is unwilling of supporting our Constitution as intended by its creators I want him to fall on his face in the mud!

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs

I have a few questions for the planners/developers of the whitewater park.

What were you thinking? Where did you expect participants/ observers to park? I have been stuck behind cars that just stop right in the road to watch the kayakers practicing. There is not even a place for them to pull over.

One more thing: Where are the trash containers? I saw one Porta Potti, but never saw anything to put trash in. Who is going to pick up after these events?

Thanks for listening to me vent.

Ronda Dennie

Glenwood Springs

I am writing on behalf of Senior Matters. Again this summer, the seniors will host a concession at the Wild West Rodeo held each Thursday evening at the Gus Darien arena in Carbondale beginning on June 4.

I encourage contestants and fans to support the concessions.

This summer the Senior Matters concessions will serve up Grandma’s Cookies, bottled water, nachos, sno-cones (a favorite of young and old alike), and a new addition that is a rodeo favorite.

If you have questions or wish to volunteer some Thursday evening. Call Diane at 963-2536.

Rusty Burtard


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