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Originally addressed to Judy Haptonstall

On May 20, I had the pleasure of viewing Roaring Fork High School’s Art Show. To say I was impressed is an understatement. I was truly overwhelmed. I felt as if I was walking into a fine art museum and was so moved that I had tears in my eyes. The quality and variety aside, what really was brought home to me, vividly, was how many learning skills are involved in making art.

As a former art teacher specializing in three-dimensional work, I am aware that spatial and reasoning skills are necessary, but to see such a stunning visual display was heart warming. The United States Department of Education reported in “Schools, Communities, and the Arts: A Research Compendium,” that “using arts processes to teach academic subjects results not only in improved understanding of content but it greatly improved self-regulatory behavior.” Studies aside, it was the first time that I could see, in one display, all the learning that is involved in “making art.”

I hope that you all had an opportunity to see the show. I am sure you are gratified that such quality is part of the curriculum at Roaring Fork High School.

Ro Mead, director

Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities

I’d like to point out to Mr. Wilson that according to the Geneva Convention, armed combatants not in uniform can be shot on sight. Not captured and not given a trial, but shot on sight.

Regardless, terrorists do not conform to the Geneva Convention, and IMO, do not deserve the Geneva Convention’s protection.

I’d also like to bring to his attention that there was a grand total of three terrorists who were waterboarded. There is some speculation on how effective the procedure was on protecting American citizens, but when the CIA releases the notes that Mr. Cheney has been requesting, I think we will all be surprised at how many lives were saved. Any person that claims that they would not use any means necessary to save the life of a loved one, including harsh interrogation, or torture as waterboarding is provocatively called, is either naïve or lying.

If it is OK for you to use any means necessary to save your loved one, you cannot deny the same right to others to use any means necessary to save their loved ones.

Every victim of a terrorist has been someone’s loved one, so spare us the sanctimonious sympathy for terrorists.

Joe Blanc


I have recently heard people say that they thought that bringing detainees from Guantanamo to the U.S. for detention and trial as proposed by Obama is a good idea. Really? At first it would be a cautious transfer, they would be placed in maximum security facilities such as Supermax, in Florence, as well as others and segregated from other prisoners. Probably a good idea for their safety at first because they would be endangered by some prisoners … but not by all. Recent events indicate that these “detainees” are held in high regard by some dimwits in our prisons.

However, soon expect that pressure will be exerted by liberals, anxious to display their higher moral and ethical standards, to provide “rights” for these “oppressed” detainees. This pressure would promote more sensitivity to their religious and ethnic needs; these are provided for in Gitmo but liberals will not hear of this. Then additional pressure may come from liberals, because of their higher moral and ethical standards, naturally, to integrate these poor lost souls with others in the prison population. Naturally part of this sensitivity will be to integrate them with prisoners not hostile to them because this would be against their “rights”. Liberals will also push to provide trials for detainees affording them constitutional rights of U.S. citizens.

This may be resisted at first but then, in will ride the august, sensitive and “ethical” ACLU to get us all straightened out since traditional, conservative Americans (aka, backwoods rednecks to them) need direction from a higher power. Probably most kissy-face liberals will rush to support the ACLU, to again display their higher moral and ethical values, acceptance of multiculturalism and their greater sensitivity and humanitarianism.

The result of this debacle will likely result in millions spent on trials, paid by you, defending many that are indefensible when the military tribunals would have disclosed this. It will probably also result in a new generation of home-grown prison educated idiots and terrorists that think “jihad” is cool because it is power in their evil, dark, self-centered minds.

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs

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