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The editorial cartoon on June 2 offended me. Women chose to use Dr. Tiller’s professional services, for a number of reasons. They sought to preserve their own health or to avoid a hopelessly damaged child. Some used abortion as a way of sex selection or family planning, but Dr. Tiller’s role was to provide services as requested. Each client assessed her abilities and made her choice. Do you think you know enough about someone else’s emotional stability, health or finances to make a choice for that person? I don’t.

Christine Jacques


This is in response to Editor Shrull’s column of June 5. First, I agree that all of us fervent letter writers need to control our rhetoric, and the volume of our debates, especially with those disagreeing with us. Absolutely.

As I’ve already confessed, I have tended to get strong in some dialog with the more extreme, and those who disparage Christianity or the Bible. And I have apologized to some I may have offended; evidently some on the other side haven’t felt it necessary.

However, contrary to popular thought nowadays, truth exposing error still exists in our postmodern society, especially in matters of morality and faith. I cannot concur with the sterile philosophy that anyone’s opinion on crucial issues is as valid or true as anyone else’s. Obviously, the founders of the world’s great religions didn’t believe that, nor did the founders of our once great nation which, partly because of the fallacy mentioned above, has tragically declined in religious faith and moral values, especially since the 1960s. I believe those pioneers would be shocked to see what the republic they helped birth has become.

I would hope that Shrull would not “throw out the baby with the bathwater,” i.e., stifle or censor robust, sometimes heated debate, in fostering “civility and respect.” Then we’d have a nice, pleasant conversation, devoid of controversy, and likely devoid of truth itself, quite irritating for those afraid to confront it.

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

In keeping with county governmental policy the Post Independent will soon be delivered in Garfield County from Rifle east to Glenwood Springs and from there south. This conforms with the county policy, which establishes transportation services and recreation facilities such as trails. Garfield County ends at Rifle.

Further, it conforms with the practices on the state level favoring the Eastern Slope for transportation spending and recreational needs over the Western Slope, and the new policy for delivery of Denver newspapers to the West.

Good luck in your survival. I assume you will cut advertising charges since you will reach a whole lot less readers. I’ll miss reading the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, a favorite source of information about the area. Thanks for the past efforts on behalf of Western Garfield County.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

Editor’s Note: Thanks for your letter. I certainly hope that in the future we will be able to increase our circulation throughout Garfield County. These are trying times and we will keep plugging away and focus on the future, when we hope times will improve.

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