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I attended the mineral royalty owners meeting in Parachute on Saturday. Several members of the audience turned an interesting Q&A into a verbal political assault against Rep. Kathleen Curry and Garfield County Commissioner and COGCC member Trsi Houpt. The two women were invited to talk about how state regs were working to protect mineral owners who claim industry underreports gas production and overcharges on production costs. As some attendees turned rude and vicious, I began thinking this group deserved to be out maneuvered by the oil and gas industry. In particular, one person, Tom Rutledge, riled up the audience claiming his private property rights on his North Park ranch had been taken away. If you Google his name, you’ll discover that Rutledge is a landman for Laramie Energy “engaged primarily in lease acquisitions and mineral/leasehold title research in developmental areas for exploration companies.” Meaning, he was probably at the royalty meeting to pluck more feathers.And, I might add, Rutledge might be an industry “agitator.” I saw him try to hijack another meeting with the same spiel, this time with Sen. Bennet in Grand Junction a month ago.Visiting Republican politicians – County Commissioners John Martin and Mike Samson, Rep. Steve King and gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis – did nothing to restore order at the royalty meeting. In fact, McInnis joked about it to the audience. Gentlemen, indeed.When will the public, and the media, get wise to how the oil and gas industry continues to speak with two heads? Obviously, one sector of the industry is out to disrupt our political process and public meetings, and to keep the public bamboozled. Leslie RobinsonRifle

Floyd Diemoz is 100 percent right. We need to move Highway 82 and stop wasting money on “traffic calming” on Midland.I watched a play called “Ruts II” a few years ago at the Glenwood High auditorium. It made fun of the city leadership not completing a bypass or alternate route through Glenwood Springs. That may or may not have moved those in charge but they finally finished Midland giving us a second route. Since then they have waged war against moving that traffic smoothly and efficiently.The paint had not dried on the lines when we were blessed with the pre-cast concrete planters that drew attention, including my first letter to the editor. They were removed and signs that flash your speed and then turn angry when you hit 30 miles an hour, traffic islands and finally the last round of bumps and of course the dreaded drunk trap were installed. I have driven down Midland since the latest and greatest and guess what? It does not work. People still drive 30 to 35 miles an hour. They just slow down for the bumps and carry on. My question to our city leaders is this: Why are you spending money building a roundabout at Midland and 27th to move traffic faster when a traffic sensing stop light would have done the job? It works at the main entrance to Meadows. Why not take the money set aside for the roundabout and use it for (and I hate saying this) a study on building a true by-pass, one that will actually move traffic through town at a reasonable rate of speed, one with no humps, bumps or flashing signs. I know the people who live on Midland would approve.How much money has been spent trying to calm traffic on Midland? How many plans have failed? What a waste of tax money over the last years. We could have had a real alternate route with the money and time wasted on Midland between Sixth and 27th. Norm ShrollGlenwood Springs

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