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Dale Shrull “Editor’s Notebook”, where were you the past 7 years? Did I not read almost daily in “Letters to the Editor” correspondences unmercifully bashing President Bush? And now that the tables have turned you are going to censor letters you deem anti-Obama! What a great American you are. But what is one to expect from today’s ultra liberal newspapers.

Well, our fellow Americans have had enough of Obama, this smooth talking con man who is our president. His campaign pledges were like winning the lottery, but turned out to be out-and-out lies. Fifty-two percent of the voters fell for his jargon. Now five months into his presidency he has run away with our life savings, is making off with our freedoms, denigrated our personal choices and ingenuity, and confiscated our constitution and two party system.

Americans were taken. But the Obama administration has presented us with choices – we can sit around and suck our thumbs after losing our jobs, stick our heads in the sand as Hillary suggested for dealing with adversity, sign up for an anger management course with Robert Gibbs, move to another country as suggested by Janet Napolitano … or we can join a support group of fellow Americans who have been duped and deceived, bond together and take constructive steps to restore national sanity.

America doesn’t need to apologize to any country, socialistic government or especially any low life dictator. I am very proud of my country unlike the Obama family.

Let’s face it, look at yourself in the mirror, who is really to blame. The next election (2010) is approaching quickly. Let’s all get together and vote the Obama puppets out of office (Udall, Bennet, and Salazar) and take our great country back.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

As of June 11, we as a nation have witnessed two heinous acts of domestic terrorism committed by right-wing extremists in the last 12 days. On May 31, a law abiding women’s health doctor was assassinated by a middle-aged white male at his place of worship in plain view of his fellow Christians. There remains little doubt that the man who committed this act of terrorism is Scott Roeder, a 51 year-old man who has a criminal history including time served for possession of homemade bomb. He has known ties to anti-government groups like the “Freemen”. A basic google search will yield results that indicate Roeder has been targeting Dr. Tiller for quite some time.

Yesterday, an 88-year-old man walked into the national Holocaust museum and opened fire with a .22-caliber rifle, killing a security guard. There remains little doubt that the terrorist who committed this vile act is John Von Brunn, a self described white supremacist with a criminal history that includes time spent in prison for armed assault and attempted kidnapping of Federal Reserve board members in the 80’s.

About two months ago, a right-wing extremist named Richard Poplawski gunned down three police officers in Pittsburgh on the auspices that he feared the non-existent “Obama gun ban.” Last year in Knoxville, Tennessee, Jim David Adkisson gunned down two people and wounded six others at a Unitarian church during a presentation of a children’s musical.

Sadly, these aren’t the only examples of a spike in domestic terrorism. Not too long ago Head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano issued a report that warned of a rise in right-wing extremism. At the time conservatives were in an uproar. They even forced her to apologize for the report, even though there was ample intelligence to support her department’s claims. I can’t help but wonder if these men had darker skin and middle eastern sounding names, would the threats they posed been taken more seriously by those same conservatives who felt so insulted by Napolitano’s report? Would they be whisked away and waterboarded to garner flawed intelligence? Just a thought.

Leo McKinney

Glenwood Springs

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