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I’d like the opportunity to respond to one who has maligned the scripture I base my faith on, without being censored (again).

Recently, Ryan Legg brazenly attacked the Word of God, which could guide his soul to salvation, if he’d only try humbling himself.

First, Leviticus 25 deals with several important issues, including caring for the land, treating one another with respect, etc. There’s not a word of “torture,” or cruelty toward servants, only exhortations to gentleness, etc., contrary to Legg’s slanderous report. (Mr. Legg, it may help to actually read what you disparage; those bigoted websites and writers aren’t real accurate.)

Then, he criticizes the New Testament gospels, writing they are “in a state of disarray.” Why? Simply because they don’t all say exactly the same things about the Lord Jesus, that’s why. That is not “disarray”; that is for inspired journalists giving their unique perspectives on a life of supreme love and momentous importance.

If the gospels told the same story basically verbatim, as Legg argues for, he and others likely would accuse the evangelists of collusion and deception; you just can’t win with folks having agendas. They undermine what they don’t understand, an apt description of atheists, contemporary or otherwise.

Concerning the falsehood that he and I are in agreement that the Bible is no authority on any of the sciences, I never said that. God’s Word predicts their sad fate in sobering terms, if they don’t repent, as everyone needs to. I pray they might, by God’s grace and truth.

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

On June 16 the Pitkin County commissioners will have a critical vote for the land exchange between the Sutey Ranch (513 acres) and the 2 Shoes Ranch (1,268 acres), both in Carbondale.

All of the surrounding counties have voted in support of this open space and land preservation proposal before it moves on to Congress. Please write the Pitkin County commissioners and the newspapers in support of this exchange.

By preserving the Sutey Ranch the wildlife, water rights, open space and access to BLM trails will be protected, the Red Hill trail system will expand and the north side will be preserved access.

The 2 Shoes Ranch parcel will be placed in a conservation easement with public access to Lily Lake and the surrounding BLM land.

The Roaring Fork Valley is always faced with large-scale development, so we all need to be proactive and support a huge open space proposal.

Thank you.

Laurie Stevens


Leo McKinney, I do not write letters to the editor. But your letter changed that. I was wondering why in your list of these senseless acts of violence you did not bring up Abdulhakim Muhammad’s killing of an American soldier just out of basic training and wounding of another at a recruiting office? Abdulhakim has stated it was politically and religiously motivated.

I for one deplore all these acts of violence. To insinuate it is white conservative men is an insult to all Americans. There are extremists in all races of people and in all religions. This type of behavior cannot be tolerated wherever it comes from. To use these senseless acts of violence for political gain and advance our parties’ rhetoric is something we as Americans should not tolerate. I would hope all political parties and all Americans condemn this violence. I for one see your letter as part of the problem with the violence we are seeing. I am saying stand up and be heard. We as Americans deplore all these senseless acts of terror.

William Huber

Glenwood Springs

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