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These are our leaders? Let’s start with Senator Ted Kennedy (the legislation he created during the Vietnam War led to a communist victory). Remember Mary Jo Kopeckne, he killed her.

How does he manage to get re-elected? Bill Clinton has to his credits the Lewinsky sex scandal, flashed an employee and perjured himself in both instances; Somalia (Blackhawk Down); USS Cole (17 sailors died), and the NYC Trade Center bombings. His weak responses emboldened the terrorists. William Jefferson (had $90,000 in bribe money hidden in his freezer), Nancy Pelosi “nobody ever told me about waterboarding” – spare us your bold face lies! She’s No. 3 in line if the President and VP are incapacitated to take over as Commander and Chief. God help us!

If it wasn’t for Jimmy Carter, the Ayatollah in Iran wouldn’t be in power today. John Kerry – in the 100 days he served in Vietnam, he allegedly earned a silver star, two bronze stars, and three purple hearts. All commendations written up by John Kerry himself with no witnesses present, and 294 “Swift boat veterans” refuting his claims. Remember as a Senator he voted for the Iraq war before he was against it. John Kerry, you’re a fake!

Next, John Murtha, a corrupt washed up politician. Responsible for building the John Murtha airport in Pa. with millions of tax dollars. One flight daily leaves the airport; called our Marines in Iraq “cold-blooded killers.” Democrats refer to Murtha as their military expert. Who are they kidding? Barney Frank (homosexual prostitutes ran a call-boy ring from his house), John Edwards (cheated on his cancer-stricken wife which resulted in a love baby), Joe Biden (derogatory comments made about Indians working at Dunkin Donuts and numerous other politically incorrect gaffs). That’s what this generation of liberal leaders represent.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

What is up with the paper delivery? I was told I could get a Post Independent at Catherine Store but there hasn’t been one for over a week. Where may I

obtain a copy? I did indulge in the Internet paper and it has its use, but

still want a hard copy.

Jody Murphy


Editor’s Note: We’re still struggling with some circulation issues and hope to iron those out as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading the Post Independent.

Outstanding! I was there on opening night and I have attended The Glenwood Vaudeville Revue twice now. Both times were fantastic! The banter between the crowd of attendees and actors/singers/tappers/pianist/wait staff is great, but the show is outstanding. John Goss, who had the initiative to get this dinner theatre going, kudos to you, thank you so much. We’ve been needed something like this in the valley since the Crystal Palace closed (2 years ago now?). I think I laughed more during opening night then I did at the Palace show come to think of it. There are soooo many great shorts, songs and jokes and they come so fast that you have to see it at least twice in order to catch everything being thrown. Everyone should go see this great show, you will not regret it! Thanks again to all those involved in the show.

Jimmy Edwin


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