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According to the state news, Colorado is in trouble and facing budget cuts.

Budget shortfalls are regular Colorado citizen problems as well. Can we borrow off of next year’s monies? No, sounds like Ritter is going to anyhow.

Ritter is going to use an accounting trick authorized by our lawmakers. Just more pencil pushing.

I guess you needed to start figuring out the budget before you hired 2,600 new state employees two years ago. He only got rid of 490 positions out of that 2,600.

If you are a business in Colorado, you don’t hire that many new employees if your business is not bringing in funds enough to keep them on salary. You start getting rid of the newest employees and then you start downsizing the older ones, too.

Our tax-and-spend governor is not going to do that. He has already eliminated the tax break for seniors totaling $91 million and then he plans on raising taxes on everything else.

The new proposed tax on your vehicle license plates will never reach the Western Slope (which is what he said would be necessary for roads and bridges), he needs that money for his budget shortfall.

Where is the stimulus money? I don’t see that being spent either on jobs.

Ritter is now asking for frozen salaries or furlough workers. How much of a cut in pay has he taken? If he asks for a raise in taxes, I am definitely voting no.

How can the state simply spend money that they don’t have even if you push it into next year’s budget?

I think we need a recall on our governor and any of the rest of the bunch that promised us they would take care of the state of Colorado. They swore an oath to that effect.

Why is Ritter acting like he is such a goodie two shoes when he has allowed all of this to take place? He has taxed us to death and now he wants more.

Jane and Hank Spaulding


I am puzzled. Maybe someone can explain this to me.

I noticed the “Tea Party” booth was set up outside the park for Strawberry Days, advocating lower taxes, which is an admirable sentiment.

However, in thinking about the taxes we pay and the things we have as a result, I’m not sure doing away with taxes is a good idea.

Case in point: On April 16 the Post Independent ran a front-page picture of the “tea partiers,” with our district attorney standing on a picnic table exhorting the small gathering about how we need to stop paying so many taxes.

No disrespect to Mr. Beeson, I’ve met him and he seems to be a good guy. I absolutely respect the office he holds.

Here’s a guy, though, who has a job entirely funded by taxpayers, standing on a taxpayer funded picnic table, on the lawn of a taxpayer funded building. He wouldn’t be able to do his job without a taxpayer funded jail, sheriff’s department, roads for the sheriff to drive on; well, the list could go on at length and I’d run out of words for this letter.

So are you willing, you tea-partiers, to go out and pay out of your pocket to pave your stretch of street? What will happen when you call the fire department or the police department and they don’t come because they have no equipment or manpower? Wonder why schools are closing and it takes all day to get a driver’s license at the DMV?

This is an important subject. Examine your motives carefully. If you still think we need lower taxes, tell me, where does the money to pay for these services then come from?

Gay Moore

Glenwood Springs

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