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The Carbondale Community School would like to thank all those who participated in the 6th Annual Roaring Fork Valley Studio tour this year. Our Friday night kick-off artist reception at the Carbondale Rec Center was well attended. The Funky Munky and the Thunder Luv started the night off for us and the Redtones followed and played well into the evening.

Those who attended the reception were able to mingle with local artists and had an opportunity to purchase art and bid on generously donated silent auction items. CCS students were serving delicious appetizers that were provided by favorite local restaurants from Glenwood to Basalt.

It was a busy weekend but the community pulled together and visited our 40-plus studios that were on the tour. We would like to thank our 60-plus artists for opening up their studios to the community.

We would like to thank all our sponsors, silent auction donors, food and beverage donors and last but not least our CCS parent volunteers. We realize that this fundraiser would not be possible without your support. Thank you for contributing to the success of the 6th Annual Roaring Fork Valley Studio Tour. We look forward to partnering with you again next year.

Denise Bruder

Studio Tour Coordinator and

The Studio Tour Committee

While I am honored to be taken to task along with Hal Sundin, I found the Rifle Ashworth’s response to my letter regarding single-payer healthcare rather strange: Tom and Jane, are you really saying that the U. S. healthcare system is serving us well? Talk about “fantasy”, fortunately, the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that 8 out of 10 Americans overwhelmingly support a universally available public healthcare option.

As self-identified Republicans, do you actually believe that your sad and tattered party has any answers to help our country, given that most of your Congress men/women are in bed with Big Pharma and Big HMOs?

By the way: I am listening to “Victory at Sea” (the original vinyl) as I write this. Thanks for the reminder,

Jan Girardot

Glenwood Springs

Someone said recently that “it just isn’t the same old Glenwood Springs anymore.” I thought of that when I read in the June 24 PI about the bomb threat at the court house. It clearly is not the same, is it?

The next thought I had was who would do such a thing? Some nut case? Some foreign terrorist? Some right-wing extremist?

Wait a minute. According to the Department of Homeland Security in its April report entitled “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” we are warned that right-wing extremists in the U.S., animal rights activists, black separatists, tax protesters, Ron Paul supporters and recently discharged military veterans all are potential threats to our security.

So I have to wonder if I and people I know are right-wing extremists. According to the government, we just might be. Are you a Christian who meets regularly with other Christians to study God’s words? Do you believe in the sanctity of human life? Do you oppose abortion? Do you believe marriage is a union of a man and a woman?

Are you a veteran? Do you own a gun? Do you believe in the Second Amendment? Are you concerned about out-of-control government spending? Are you against ever higher taxes? Do you oppose illegal immigration?

If so, you may someday find yourself being investigated by the FBI under their Operation Vigilant Eagle initiative, which, by the way, was proposed 2 months before DHS released its ridiculous and alarming threat assessment.

When the government becomes more concerned about controlling its citizens then it is about foreign terrorism, our freedom and liberty are soon to be lost.

If you think government is embracing socialism now, watch what happens if some nut job blows up a court house. Say goodbye to free speech, a free press, the right to bear arms and the right to assemble. And it will all be done “for the protection of the people and the state.”

“The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it”

– HL Mencken

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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