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So, it’s the Feds taxing too much? Its so generous of this paper to give you tea party people such a header to hide behind. I thought it was the Democrat’s taxes, Mr. Heisel. Where was the Tea Party when the Bush administration turned a hefty surplus under Clinton into a trillion dollar deficit in his first term mind you? I’ll wager you were helping the Republicans get into Social Security’s pocket in order to window dress the corrupted economy long enough to blame it all on the Democrats and the first minority President. Where were you bunch of armchair patriots when, in the ’90s, a true patriot gave freshman Senator Scott McInnis the means to turn big government around by simply not renewing the war powers that enabled the extra-constitutional spending from the Roosevelt administration forward. Something I have Senator John McCain himself verifying as true and well documented, on Arizona Radio.

Your tea party would most likely be among those trying to discredit the guy by tagging him as a white supremacist while he and his family were attending the all black church of a fellow he met while incarcerated in the Reagan administration retooled penal system, for openly protesting big government.

Truly, I ask, would any of your tea party go to prison to defend the integrity of your beliefs? I think not. First because there just isn’t any integrity in towing the party line. Something to keep the masses deluded, that such pious ritual actually is being a responsible citizen. So they can keep the real solutions locked up by a war powers authorized court system and let the blame run rampant because blame never makes any real effort towards responsible active protest.

Eric Olander

New Castle

Life is certainly about the small, but significant kindness that we encounter in our daily travels.

I would like to send out a big thank you to several “neighbors” here in Glenwood Springs. Unknown to me, on Tuesday, I left my wallet at the pump while filling my gas can for the big lawn chore! I came in after mowing to find not one, but three messages on my answering machine. The first was from Marcia Kilpatrick letting me know that my wallet had been found by Shannon Carstarphen. Shannon had no luck finding me by telephone – but pulled out Marcia’s business card and called her! Marcia knew my place of work, the wallet was delivered there by Shannon, and my director, Jeanette Refior, called me about my good fortune! If this wasn’t nice enough, my fellow employee and neighbor, Dorinda Screen, saved me a trip back down the hill by bringing my wallet directly to the house. What can I say besides – where was my head this afternoon, but a big thanks to all of you.

Sue Kuhn

Glenwood Springs

The Grand Valley Citizen’s Alliance meeting on June 23 was most illuminating with a packed audience and homeowners expressing many concerns. They had never imagined that the developer of Battlement Mesa would sell his surface rights in the “open areas” which comprise 1,600 acres to allow drilling in what was advertised as the “American Dream”. Yes, mineral rights held by Exxon are the “dominant estate.” But surface rights, when sold, consolidate the deal. We can only guess what the drillers paid Mr. Gitlitz of Aspen for this deal clinching action.

All of this would not have happened had the GarCo commissioners enforced the transfer of the open areas to the home owners as promised in 1989 or in a reasonable time thereafter. Unfortunately, the Battlement Mesa “Service Association” has also been complicit in not pressuring the Battlement Mesa Company to live up to the original agreement. Now we have the “American Nightmare”.

Larry Soderbrerg


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