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Hard to believe Hal’s last article on verbal terrorism. All these years when you attacked President Bush and his administration calling him a terrorist and murderer, you called it free speech.

How many times did you quote the Constitution and Bill of Rights and now you want to shut off any kind of opposition to the present administration and President Obama.

I can’t believe at a time like this with Iran, North Korea and many other countries where if you speak out against the government people are imprisoned or killed.

You should pray there will always be people like Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and O’Reilly in this country.

Granted, Rush can be a bigmouth at times, but obviously you did not hear his entire speech and corrections. He wanted the outrageous tax and welfare programs to fail, programs that will destroy our free enterprise system and way of life.

Obama and company seem to want to emulate the social system of European countries. When Americans visit there, they see how beautiful and manicured these countries are, they hear how wonderful the social systems of France, Sweden and Germany are.

Well, try living there, how would you like to live in a country where your trusted doctor makes less money than your barber?

Or if you need some dental work your dentist is not available after October because they would be working for free the last quarter with the government taking all they earned the last three months. So they go to the unregulated eastern European countries. People from Canada, US and western Europe are now visiting the refugee doctors.

Mr. Sundin, you better hope we will never be a country where we have to idolize our Dear Leader. History as you claim to know it shows this is very dangerous. Give credit to our impressionable young people to hear all voices and make their own decisions.

Elizabeth Vath

Glenwood Springs

It again becomes necessary to set things straight. Many on the American left have honed the practice of the pot calling the kettke black to a fine art.

In his June 19 letter, Leo McKinney blames the “far right wing of the conservative perspective” for “politicizing terrorism.” At least as much evidence exists on his side for that atrocious offense, probably more.

A recent salient example involves the cascade of acrimony gushing from bastions of the far left, including Joy Behar of The View, the N.Y. Times, and more, concerning the murder of late-term abortionist, George Tiller.

The shrill rhetoric from these ranks against conservatives and evangelical Christians is deafening, as if those groups personally orchestrated Tiller’s dispatch. Tiller’s killer despised Christians and conservatives fully as much as minorities and abortionists. All I’ve seen from the targeted parties, including Operation Rescue, has indicated their revulsion of the crime, rather than any condoning of it. But no matter, the torrent of hateful condemnation from leftists continues unabated, some even blaming Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck for encouraging the killing, an outrageous falsehood without evidence.

These people, who supposedly support human rights and “civility,” strangely wax mute regarding the rights of the innocent unborn, unable to defend their own rights. They loudly decry acts of right-wing extremists, including Tiller’s execution, and rightly so; all such crimes must be condemned.

But how many liberals have lamented Tiller extinguishing the promising lives of approximately 60,000 innocents (that’s right) on the verge of being born and becoming a multi-millionaire in the grisly process? Few if any have. (That’s one murder compared with 60,000; does that mean anything?)

Evidently, unborn children don’t actually count as human beings to them; they conveniently forget they were once the same essence themselves.

And our illustrious president, embodying the hopes and dreams of beautiful people everywhere, is himself in the same doomed camp as Tiller, championing human rights for all but “the least of these,” and those seeking to defend them.

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

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