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Man, had I known it was going to cost more than $1 million to improve the speed controls on the Midland Avenue (bypass) I could have submitted a consultant’s fee of, say, $100K and just told them to post a sign at each end of the bypass stating: “No Motorized Vehicles Permitted” and saved them a bunch of money! Let’s face it, if we go any slower, hit any more speed bumps, have GSPD patrolling the bypass, or have any more signs flashing “SLOW DOWN” when we are going 27 mph, we may as well be race walking! Oh, wait a minute, a mom and her child on a tandem bike just passed a few cars, she must be speeding! Hello … earth to Glenwood, this is the 21st century, like it or not!

John Peterson

Glenwood Springs

Americans take time on Independence Day to celebrate our freedom. We recognize the service and sacrifice of the generations of men and women who have served our country in war and peace. Because of them we enjoy our freedom.

All area U.S. military veterans and those visiting are invited to participate in the Tribute to Our Veterans entry in Aspen’s Fourth of July parade. Meet on Main Street at Paepcke Park by 11:15 a.m. on Saturday. Call in advance if you need a ride. For more information, call Hugh Roberts at 927-4194.

Come join the other veterans walking or give the vets a great big cheer of appreciation from the sidelines.


Hugh Roberts

USAF Vietnam


As I travel every day from the Glenwood Mall area to the roundabouts, I feel like I am in an accident ready to happen to get through the roundabout.

If you read the signs as you approach the intersection, they all tell you that the right lane is for the entrance to Interstate 70 westbound. I know we are all in a hurry with our daily lives, but please pay attention with what the signs tell you, so my family and I do not fear for our lives every time we go through these intersections.

Tim Lombardo

Glenwood Springs

When a politician is found to have behaved immorally, it is sometimes said that behavior in personal life should not be considered a factor in judging performance in political life. How can they be separated? How can you separate a person’s moral behavior at home with his moral behavior at work. People don’t change their morality like their clothes. If a politician is willing to deceive and lie to his spouse, the person closest to him in his life, how can he be trusted to not lie to and deceive his electorate?

When immorality is exposed the guilty shed tears and express sorrow for their wrongdoing. But we have to ask, if they hadn’t been exposed would they not have continued in the wrongdoing.

If a politician has been found lying and deceiving in his personal life he is not fit for public service and should resign.

Rod Savoye

Glenwood Springs

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