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First, let’s talk about “Free” health care. No such animal … End of conversation. Eighty-seven percent of Americans have health care and are generally satisfied with their care. Yes, it’s somewhat costly but when you need help we’ve got the best in the world. Why are the rights of the eighty-seven percent in jeopardy? Let’s talk about insuring the uninsured. That amounts to about 46 million people. Breaking that number down we have 12 million that are not Americans, 11 million already qualify for a free federally funded program (s-chip), 8 million gross more than $75,000 per year and can afford it if they wanted it; so that leaves 15 million who don’t have health care and probably can’t afford it. So I say send these people a check for $7,500 a year and let them buy their own health insurance. The cost to the tax payers would be $30 billion, or half of what we loaned General Motors, instead of spending $2 trillion and allowing the federal government to literally control our lives.

Secondly, did you know that nearly 1/3 of Colorado’s state senators and one in six House members were appointed to their positions rather than voted in? How does that happen?, well, some chose to resign their seats toward the end of their term, which gives the appointed successor the advantage running as an incumbent. This is the result of term-limit law. We need to change the law and require an election for vacated seats.

And lastly, since I began writing letters to the Post Independent, I’ve received nasty phone calls from people who wouldn’t identify themselves, derogatory unsigned letters and immature notes on my auto windshield. However, the person who did $1,149 damage to my car, well, that was the work of a coward. Anyone who knows who did this should come forward and report this sick minded low-life person to the police. Is this America we live in? What kind of people do we have living in Glenwood Springs? I like everyone else have the right to express my opinions – If you don’t agree with my rhetoric, write a rebuttal but don’t resort to violence out of ignorant frustration.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

Ross Talbot, you forget we celebrate winning our freedom from the British not the Americans. Even this was short lived in that shortly after we retied the “ties that bind” by reopening trade with the leverage of being a sovereign nation. Something much more substantial in an era of empire and kings, rather than our present world of empire and multi-nationals.

You write our celebration is morphing into a memorial but it had long ago morphed from a remembrance of successful insurrection into party time. Maybe this is where it needs our attention. The document we celebrate was an act of possibly losing everything we are, for the hope we can do better. Biblically this would be what Jesus said to the rich man who kept the commandments.

It would constitute an act of high treason against the faculties that governed his life and so unlike the slaves complaining about how good it was back “in the day” in Egypt, despite the shackles and hard labor he didn’t make the crossing from one life into the other. What was lacking was the responsibility it takes to put the old man to rest. So possibly a memorial is the proper way to honor the signatories of our hallow manifesto. Putting our present irresponsibility to rest long enough to give hope possibility. In your column you’re like the disciples on the road Emmaus, within your voice the light is consumed by darkness. So your freedom maybe putting it to rest.

Eric Olander

New Castle

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