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Thank you for running the article on the West Nile virus, and highlighting how effective natural medicine can be in treating this condition. I have enjoyed watching numerous patients heal from this virus as well as others, such as Epstein Barr and herpes, with naturopathic protocols. In my experience, those with a history of severe viral infections can suffer from long-term consequences as a result of the body’s inability to function optimally due to a diminished immune system.

In the article, the word naturopath was written with quotation marks. I can understand the reasons behind using quotes since there are providers in Colorado who call themselves naturopaths, and even naturopathic doctors, without having received the rigorous training that credentialled and licensed ND’s have undergone.

I wanted to clarify this issue to the community and assure them that the naturopathic doctors at Two Rivers Natural Health received a four-year doctorate degree from one of the CNME accredited schools, Bastyr University (recognized by the Department of Education), and passed the licensure board examination (NPLEX).

It is important to check the credentials of your natural medicine provider, and be educated on their training, experience and licensing.

The Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors is working toward passing a bill through the state Legislature to regulate the profession and help protect the public. For more information on naturopathic medicine, you can visit http://www.TwoRiversNaturalHealth.


Aarin Meager-Benson, ND

Glenwood Springs

Family and Friends, This is to convey to you a heartfelt wish for a happy celebration of Independence Day when we salute those who chose freedom under the Constitution and Bill of Rights so long ago.

Our freedoms and rights are being challenged since January. Put in place are new restrictions, controls and actions by the president and Congress that endanger your financial future by distributing your assets to irresponsible legals and illegals, appointment of watch dogs called czars (little Caesars), new bureaus, appeasement policies that endanger the country’s security not to mention irresponsible spending of our tax money. All of these facts may make you uneasy.

Be not discouraged. This is the most serious challenge the United States has faced coming from within. But we, the freedom loving, will deal with this interior threat as we have with threats from foreign dictators and despots. God bless America!

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

A big wow and kudos to the City Council for the awesome Fourth of July fireworks display. At a time when many towns were not able to afford fireworks, we were definitely blessed to experience such a thrilling fireworks show – truly the best one we’ve ever seen in person, and we’re not spring chickens. Thank you, city of Glenwood Springs, and congrats on such a professional job of entertaining us all. I’m sure many first-time visitors were as impressed as we were.

Carolyn Cain

New Castle

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