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Cloward-Piven Strategy. Haven’t heard of it? Look it up. There’s an overwhelming amount of information. I believe, as many others have and are coming to believe, that this is part of the Obama playbook to ultimately and intentionally crash the American economy.

TARP bill, stimulus package, health are, Global Warming bill, attacking the energy industry, taking over banking, finance and corporations, massive spending at every level of government without any budget restriction on spending and ultimately taxing without limits.

These are designed by Obama and his cohorts as part of an intentional effort to overwhelm and undermine the economy.

All were or are being rammed though without the opportunity for public scrutiny or discussion. Those who voted on these bills never read them. We are told over and over again, “CRISIS! We must pass these bills now before it is too late!”

A little over half of America wanted fundamental change, so they voted for Obama. But they don’t understand what his change means or the danger and damage it brings to America.

Obama does not believe in the America that we were born and raised in. He does not believe in the American dream. But he does believe in change!

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” – Barack Obama at the University of Missouri, Columbia, October 31, 2008.

Everything he has done since then has further jeopardized America and it’s economy. Why? Because he can’t implement his kind of change in a good economy.

“We the people” are the first words of the U.S. Constitution. The First and Second Amendments of the Bill of Rights were specifically designed to allow “We the People” the ability to stand up against a corrupt, out of control and repressive government.

Our fate is in our hands. Get involved in any way you can before we all become servants to the government instead of the government serving us, as was intended by our forefathers! Do something! Do it for yourself and your family! Do it before it is too late!

Lee Perkins

Glenwood Springs

There are those of us who believe in fables (God, Jesus, the Bible), and those of us who believe in fact. I, who pride myself on being a sensible human not given to fantasy, am an avowed evolutionist and clone, uh, student, of Charles Darwin.

We Darwinists don’t buy that absurd notion that some god decided to create our ecosystem, thus giving the more impressionable among us a sense of … destiny. No sir, we stand on the (decayed) shoulders of a veritable Tyrannosaurus Rex of science. And we confidently take the bull by the tail, and face the situation, as they say. (Incidentally, bulls and apes are our intimate relatives in the proud family of man, the pinnacle of its evolution being rational, analytical, purposeless creatures like myself. How utterly stimulating.

It defies logic to believe that some wise designer fashioned us humans in his own image; it’s positively ludicrous. It is far more enlightened and logical to assume that this fascinating, ordered, complex, breathtakingly beautiful and finely-tuned for life planet of ours, developed by chance, over eons of ages and random mutations, don’t you think?

And it all began in a glorious little puddle of slime, at the dawn of history. And slime, plus tons of time, equals … intelligent beings like you and me.

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

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