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This is an open letter to Rep. John Salazar.

Dear Rep. Salazar,

As I understand it you voted against the Clean Energy bill because it would cost your constituents more for energy.

Who did you think is going to pay for cleaning up the CO2 in the atmosphere. We the users have not been paying the full costs of the energy we use which includes preventing the pollution it produces. Your vote says you think it’s right that we continue to do so. That is not what is best for your constituents.

Cleaning up the atmosphere is not going to be without cost, but our leaders have to have the moral courage to do what is best for the nation even if some their backers don’t like it. You failed us big time.

Rod Savoye

Glenwood Springs

The inference by Mr. Neslin of the Colorado Oil and Gas Committee that Battlement Mesa’s situation is in no way unprecedented deserves comment and challenge. Reference newspaper reports on the meeting.

Since when has a 20-year-old unincorporated Colorado community of 5000 residents, properly established as a retirement community by county authority, with documented intent to transfer open space to the homeowners association, now totally subject to massive gas drilling adjacent to their retirement homes? Please give me one Colorado precedent, Mr. Neslin.

Larry Soderberg


Because I am right, and because I was brought up to believe that this is fact, God exists.

I am a believer in things divine and supernatural. I distrust the scientific and enlightened communities as I am sure they must have an ulterior motive, a hidden agenda of some sinister nature, focused on dragging me kicking and screaming into the light of reason. But I won’t have any of it.

My preacher tells me that Charles Darwin and his likes were wrong, perhaps even evil in unimaginable ways and that I should not believe their findings, so I don’t. In fact, I refuse to even research their work, as my holy books tell me to do so would be sinful.

When I think of an atheist, the unconditional love and tolerance that I have long laid claim to crumbles. I see a non-believer as one who thinks he is too smart for his own good; someone not chosen to enter into heaven and merely bitter about it. I believe an atheist’s world is without meaning, beauty, or substance.

I steadfastly laugh in the face of the evidence that denies the existence of my god, not because it is not legitimate, but because, again, I was brought up to do so. I may never have seen god, nor has anyone that has “come back” from the dead with any proof, but this daunts my faith not in the least. My preacher, my folks, and my ancient scrolls tell me it so, and it must therefore be.

My god has no beginning, no creator and no end. He looks like me and sits in the clouds, as unconcerned as I as to the nonbeliever’s fate. But he loves them, and I suppose I should too. I’ll get around to that as soon as I am done persecuting those that are not like me. After all, the Bible tells me to … doesn’t it? I’m not even sure myself anymore ….

Ryan Legg


I have been going to the Xpresso drive-through coffee shop for years to get the best cup of coffee in town from Nikki Chastan. When she moved away I was going through serious coffee withdrawal until recently, when she moved back and started brewing ’em up again.

Right when I started getting used to enjoying my favorite drink, I discovered that Nikki will no longer be working there once again. I know it seems like just a cup of coffee, but I also loved to see Nikki’s smiling face and bubbly personality. Some people’s lives are full of those kinds of people, but for me, people like Nikki are sometimes the only ray of sunshine that I see all day. I am very sad that I will not be able to enjoy that little happy spot in my day anymore. I know that working there was something that she valued because she always said she loved her job, and I’m sure that all of the customers that know her will miss her too.

I hope Nikki ends up in another coffee shop in town, so she can make us all those great drinks again. I would order it somewhere else but Nikki always took extra time to mix it just the way I like it. The next coffee shop that she works at will be getting a real asset, and will be lucky to have her.

Emily Taylor

Disappointed Coffee Drinker

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