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The Rotary Club of Carbondale launched its latest Green community project (BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag) and we are asking for help from our friends in the Valley. We are selling shopping bags made from recycled plastic and imprinted with the Rotary logo with the goal of replacing the use of plastic and paper bags.

By purchasing bags from the Carbondale Rotary, you will be participating in one of the easiest and most worthy projects you may have the pleasure to be involved in. All profits go to the Carbondale Rotary Club and will be used to support dozens of the local grants we award each year for such causes as scholarships, dictionaries for each sixth grader, Computers for Kids Foundation and Habitat for Humanity.

To participate requires only a few important steps.

1. Buy at least one bag to start, although it’s preferable to have bags in each of your family’s cars wherever you go.

2. Use the bags. By using the bag you do several good things.

a. Reduce your use of plastic or paper bags which reduces the amount of trees, petroleum and other natural resources needed to make and ship the bags.

b. Keep bags out of the landfill.

c. Keep bags from littering the highways and streams.

d. Show the world you care.

e. Show the world how easy it is to reduce waste by bringing your own bag (BYOB)

f. Donate to Rotary and support its local causes.

If you would like to purchase a bag and support the goal of selling 1,000 bags, please e-mail me at We will deliver the bags to you. The cost is: 1 for $10 or 3 for $25. Further discounts available for larger orders. One bag used twice weekly for two years will replace 416 bags per person.

Thank you for your help in our green endeavor.

Trip Adams

Carbondale Rotary Club

Reading Norm Shroll’s letter to the editor on Feb. 11, I had to wonder whether this man was living in a parallel universe or just hopelessly confused.

It’s been just a year that the Democrats have had a majority in the House and Senate, not four years as Mr. Shroll claims. Other than raising the minimum wage, they’ve done little in that time, and have disappointed their supporters by rolling over and giving Bush his unconstitutional wiretaps and untethered funding for the war in Iraq.

Another “fact” about which Mr. Shroll is confused is support for the war. While Hillary Clinton granted Bush authorization to conduct an unprovoked invasion of Iraq, and has tried desperately to recharacterize her vote as something less hawkish, Barack Obama opposed the war before it began and has remained in opposition of it since then. He may have voted to continue funding the war, but that’s the only pragmatic option as we’ve got an obligation to fix that which we broke and continue supporting our troops that Bush put in harm’s way.

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Shroll can’t find a candidate to support in the current presidential race. We are fortunate to have an opportunity to elect someone who demonstrates better judgment, possesses more common sense, conducts a positive issue-oriented campaign, and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Barack Obama has an appeal that transcends race and gender, and is motivating millions of people because his message is sincere and correct. I don’t agree with all of his positions, but believe he’s the best candidate we’ve seen in decades.

Craig Silberman


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