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To the male driver of the brownish SUVish car on Missouri Heights last Sunday morning (July 12) around 10:30-11, I offer my sincerest apology.

As you well know, I was on my bicycle going downhill and attempted to avoid a new patch of gravely blacktop. I swerved right in front of you, having no idea you were behind me – the wind was in my ear as I sped downhill and I was intent upon avoiding the black gravel. But you were paying attention and had quick reflexes – you laid on your horn and your brakes.

Because of your alertness and skill, you didn’t hit me, and I didn’t fall. You were very angry though – and I am sure very startled and frightened. You rolled down your window as you passed me, justifiably screaming, “What is wrong with you?” I tried to apologize with a racing heart but please consider this my formal apology.

I have been unfairly harassed on my bike over the years and in some dangerous situations because of road rage and crazy drivers, but Sunday morning, it was my fault.

This is a reminder to other cyclists, look behind you before you make a move that will put you in the path of vehicles – even if you think they aren’t there.

With awareness on both the parts of cyclists and drivers, and mutual respect for each other, we can all share busy roads as well as country roads on which we think we are alone.

Lisa Wilson

Glenwood Springs

Looking for Colorado precedents, Larry Soderberg, go to any one of the silver bust ghost towns. The mines are right out the back door in some of those places. Battlement Mesa didn’t arise out of the high chaparral as a retirement community. It was built to accommodate the employees of oil shale development, so it’s essentially a company town. It was only after the bust and Exxon pulled the plug did the county seek to save the huge investment by attracting people from from Texas and California.

It was like when the railroad populated the Midwest with farmers to keep services feasible for western expansion. They promised those “American Gothic” couples paradise only to pollute their dreams with higher and higher shipping cost. The farmers formed the Grange to give them a voice in Washington.

Organized labor is looking for new members and the rights of those retiring baby boomers, overburdened by the aesthetics of modern drill technology may be just what the doctor ordered, now that all the capitalists are openly socialist and seeking to enter into marriage with their longtime sugar daddy the U.S. government. Something more beneficial than the current no tell don’t ask policy.

The reason you probably overlooked these precedents is you’re probably surrounded by Midwest farm stock who only know the Grange as a dance hall.

May the prosperity produced let you retire somewhere where there aren’t mineral rights. I have been told, in this very paper, I should move to Antarctica.

Eric Olander

New Castle

I am not sure if anyone is aware of the website, Numbers USA. This website has been keeping track of how Congressmen and -women vote on the immigration issue.

Sen. Bennet had a chance to vote on E-Verify, he muffed it. This particular bill would prohibit any government contractors from hiring any illegals to work. With unemployment in Colorado, as well as the nation, reaching an all time high, only legal citizens would be allowed to work on government jobs. This particular bill did pass by a small margin of votes, but Bennet chose to vote against it.

Citizens of Colorado were able to fax him the facts, as well as call him. He does not stand up for Colorado citizens at all. He has said he plans on running for this Senate seat again, as he was appointed by our tax and spend governor. Do not vote for him at re-election time. His voting record for the citizens of Colorado is bad. He promised to help take care of Colorado, but he has neglected us in every way except education.

Just thought maybe somebody in Colorado should know about his voting record.

Jane Spaulding


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