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Re: Responding to Joe Blanc’s letter from July 11.In the last 500,000 years, our planet has run through 5 glacial/interglacial cycles, due to natural solar variation. In each cycle, CO2 ranged from 180 ppm (glacial) to 300 ppm (interglacial) and back.Frighteningly, CO2 levels have reached 385 ppm, and the only valid explanation for why levels are now so high is human activity. From burning fossil fuels and deforestation we are currently pumping about 50 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere annually, 10,000 times faster than natural processes can remove them. Since the industrial revolution began, we have changed atmospheric CO2 by as much as what normally takes 100,000 years.The planet’s massive ice sheets are shrinking at an alarming rate … the Arctic ice cap summer ice extent is now a little more than 1/2 where it was 40 years ago. Glacial water supplies for entire continents are at risk, and India and China will wake up to this very soon.Even more worrisome than climate change is the effect extra CO2 at the air/sea interface is having on ocean acidification. It appears the increase in carbonic acid in the world’s oceans in the last 50 years surpasses what has happened in the ocean during the past 50 million years.I would encourage skeptics like Joe Blanc to discontinue getting their climate science information from junk science Internet blogs (our ice core data goes back 670,000 years, not 9,000) and go directly to authoritative sources such as the National Snow & Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado. Also please research NOAA, NASA and the National Academy of Sciences.Doug DavisCarbondale

While I was driving down Interstate 70 and turning into Parachute/Battlement Mesa last Wednesday evening on the way to the COGCC meeting, I took some extra time to survey the landscape. It is obvious that the quality of life in these communities has deteriorated due the gas industry’s presence. It is a challenge just to get into Battlement Mesa. Almost every other vehicle is either a large pickup truck or a tanker truck. By the way, I have nothing against pickup trucks, but the combination of several hundred of these vehicles every day is a safety challenge not to mention the air pollution spewing all over this community. I noticed that the air there does not smell as good as it once did. This area appears to have become the largest truck stop for the gas industry in Colorado! Then, you have the large green storage containers lined up along the on-ramp heading East on I-70 out of Parachute. This is a very unattractive site when you drive into Parachute. This area is turning into a very ugly industrial site. A few years ago, I admired the beauty of the terrain here and the great views from Battlement Mesa. This beauty is disappearing fast! Now, Antero, the gas drilling company from Denver, wants to drill inside and adjacent to the Battlement Mesa residential area. I feel that the gas development has gone too far here. This is crossing the line of common sense. There are plenty of other places to drill for gas. Even the greenest possible drilling plans that Antero could propose, would still bring a heavy increase in air, noise and water pollution to the Battlement Mesa residents. Also, this is not the time to have property values going down. This gas development raises a severe health issue for this population – many of whom are senior citizens. There are more issues involved here than I have space to discuss. Battlement Mesa residents need to fight this gas development by Antero or any other company that wants to come in. They need to tell Antero “no drilling at all!” This is a wonderful community full of nice people that invested money and their trust here. It will all be destroyed by the greed of the gas industry. I hope that the residents form a new homeowner’s association so that they get the proper representation that they deserve.Randy FrickeNew Castle

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