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We are deeply saddened and concerned about the recent firing of Mike Cox as the head basketball coach at Coal Ridge High School. Mike coached our children for many years in recreation league, and we witnessed first-hand the phenomenal job he did teaching kids the fundamentals of basketball as well as good sportsmanship, respect for each other, and respect for the game.

Mike’s passion for the sport and for working with kids was always evident. He frequently used his own time and resources to take kids to out-of-town games, clinics, and camps. He was so excited when he’d landed the job as the head basketball coach at Coal Ridge High School and considered this his dream job.

We can’t help but wonder how many wonderful teachers and coaches we looked up to and learned so much from would have made the cut in the politically correct environment our children live in today. It is a sad state of affairs when a passionate, talented, and caring person like Mike Cox is summarily dismissed and the children in our community denied his special talents.

Steve and Becky Rippy

New Castle

A quick note to the valley sports fans to counter the Glenwood Springs Post Independent’s regrettably one-sided reporting of Coach Cox’s dismissal from Coal Ridge High School. Fact is, Coach Cox was required to meet with school officials and concerned parents this past off-season. Many player-coach issues were addressed. To imply his dismissal resulted from this single incident is simply untrue.

Secondly, to besmirch the character of this extremely respected administrator is ludicrous. That he has been an invaluable asset to Re-2 for many years is unquestionable.

Lastly, to portray this young man as a “problem player,” well, is unforgivable. Mistakes were made by all, but this young man has, in my experience, shown integrity, honesty and character far beyond his years.

In closing, it’s too bad the administration is prevented by law from presenting both sides of the story. While there is no doubt Coach Cox gave this program his all, it’s obvious many people thought it time to move on. It’s a shame it wasn’t done with more respect to the program.

Dale Johnson


Coach Mike Cox’s story in the Feb. 13 Glenwood Springs Post Independent rings true. If not, the young man is not prohibited from telling his side to the papers.

I think coach Cox should have used his foot instead of a ball to kick the problem child’s butt out the door and off the team.

Sounds like an Re-2 administrator needs some parenting lessons and a certain player needs a trip to the woodshed.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Today I have a sluggish brain … well, more sluggish than usual. My “To do list,” which I write in the morning, is blank. My slipper fell off on my way to let the dog out. I can’t find it. I sit, staring into nothingness. I’m wondering if I have my days mixed up. Do I have ringing in my ears, or was that the phone? Earlier, I found myself standing at the bottom of the stairs and thought, “Why am I down here?” Why is there a dog barking at my door? … Oh yeah. Now which way is the door? This is not good.

I know what happened. Every morning I sit with my cup of coffee and browse through the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. I take my time while my excitement level increases with the turning of each page. Soon, I’ll turn the page that will reveal the crossword puzzle. This morning I had my pen poised, ready to dive into the thing that wakes me up, that brings my day into focus, that jump-starts my brain. I turned the page, and there sat the same crossword puzzle that was in the paper yesterday.

Rande Brewer

Glenwood Springs

My favorite Kool-Aid is in a tall glass beside my computer, and my “narrow-minded prejudicial pipe” (you know the one where I burn the narrow-minded, prejudicial articles I’ve read) is smoking.

Ms. Fulton (Letter to the Editor, Feb. 9) may be right about Mickey Mouse being the better choice for president. Here’s a guy who saw combat in a 1929 short, who is unfailingly faithful to his significant other, Minnie, whilst preserving the status quo (Even Steven) with his old rival Donald Duck and giving his supporters endless entertainment.

There is this one thing, though, that might cause some potential Mickey-for-President supporters consternation. I don’t mean the Mickey Mouse is slang for trivial thing. There is this serious thing. The thing is this. In 2007, a Mickey Mouse clone named Farfur was used on the Hamas-affiliated television station al-Aqsa TV, in a program designed to teach Palestinian children radical Islamism including martyrdom (CBS News May 11 2007)(CNN World May 15 2007). What? I know ” it’s appalling, absolutely, but still it is also true. And while Mickey had nothing to do with it, it was only an actor in a suit, not really Mickey, can you imagine how that could be used against Mickey, if he ever decided to be more than a write-in candidate? It’s surprising anybody runs for public office.

Eventually the Hamas TV station gave in to economic pressure and wrote Farfur out of this children’s program. The writers had Farfur beaten to death by an Israeli “agent” character (BBC News June 30 2007), vividly demonstrating that the better angels of human nature envisioned by Lincoln are not embraced by this enemy.

In this election year I applaud those candidates who, in spite of the vileness in the world and the ruthlessness of our enemies, have a vision for our country that evokes in us the spirit of those better angels, and whose message provokes in us the impetus to become better Americans than we presently are.

Sally J. Lewis

Henderson, Texas

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