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On this 40th anniversary of the moon landing, America needs to be proud and optimistic. The problems that we face with the economy and fighting two wars, pale in comparison to our accomplishments.Most people know that the U.S. is by far the largest economic power in the world. China is now second. By comparison the third largest economy in the world is California. Yes that’s right, the state of California has more assets, infrastructure etc. than all other countries. We truly are the economic powerhouse. The economy will come around in time. We have some smart leaders and a democratic system that makes us consider all points of view before decisions are voted on. For another comparison lets look to the U.S. military. There is not a single country anywhere that can even come close to our military. The advanced technological weapons, communications, equipment and trained personnel are second to none.The Taliban are currently finding out in Afghanistan what they are up against with our fighting forces and a determined country. We will eventually crush the Al-qaeda who killed all those innocent people on 9/11. If they are lucky they will die quickly in a bomb explosion or perhaps at the end of a noose like Saddam. After all it was America’s entry into WWII that turned the tide and lead to the defeat of Germany and Japan. It was also America that for so many years sacrificed money and blood to stop the spread of Communism so that democracy could flourish in the world.If you still don’t feel optimistic about our future just look to our youth. Young people are graduating in record numbers from technical schools and Universities and specializing in things that will really improve conditions for us on the planet. There have been milestone breakthroughs in disease prevention and medicine, engineering, clean energy production and the development of new food supplies. Eventually with greater peace and security will come more international business, prosperity and growth. Thank you for listening and God bless the USA.Joe MollicaGlenwood Springs

Anticipating a glorious day in our beautiful and local National Forest I packed my picnic box and fishing pole and headed out. After a lovely drive up into our nearby mountains I came upon the “perfect spot” to spend the day out in the incredible Colorado forest. Jumping out of the old Jeep I headed straight for the creek to have a look around. To my horror it was easy to see that Mr. and Mrs. Trashy and their Trashy kids had spent their weekend here camping. No, there is no camping here, must have been a Sunday picnic! From the looks of all they left behind it must have been some picnic. Mr. and Mrs. Trashy, I want you to know that you left a few of your possessions behind when you went back home. Beer cans, bottles and caps were aplenty. A box thrown in the creek and candy wrappers and sticks tossed carelessly on the ground. Styrofoam cups and plates a little further down the creek were a pretty sad sight. I’m ashamed of you and you should be, too.Did you think, Mr. and Mrs. Trashy, that the woodland elves would skip down and clean up after you or was this just an oversight? Well, don’t worry, I picked it all up and packed it all out, because you see, I have no Trashy in my ancestry. My father’s father taught me that when you pack it in you must pack it out! Leave no trace! Okay, okay … it wasn’t my great, great grandfather that taught me that … it was the National Wildlife Association and pretty much common sense. Get some or keep the Trashy family home!Cleanup day is August 22. There will be no woodland elves in attendance!Thanks for listening! Lisa E. DavisRifle

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