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I’ll keep this simple for President B. Hussein Obama supporters.Once you grasp this concept, everything he is doing will immediately make sense – even the appointment of all of the All-American Czars.President Obama’s agenda/ objective obviously is socialism, which is no surprise, but you may not have thought about the effect of essentially all legislation proposed since January in accomplishing his agenda. Socialism requires complete government control of everything in the society.This is easily accomplished with the unconstitutional stroke of a pen with formally structured entities such as banks, automobile manufacturers, insurance companies and etc. yet to come. Gaining control of individual citizens – the populace at large – cannot be accomplished in the same manner. It must be accomplished by impoverishing the people – making them so poor, desperate and dependent upon government – that resisting government action of any kind becomes moot. And that is the specific purpose of the outrageously expensive legislation we have been witnessing.There is no individual freedom without economic freedom. Isn’t it obvious that those countries in the world under the thumb of brutal dictators are countries with impoverished people? No exceptions. Think of the African continent. Hungry, dirt-poor people dependent upon their government for their very survival aren’t exactly equipped to contest government control, are they?Okay, but it can’t happen in America? It is happening. That will be the result of the avalanche of “urgent” Obama-proposed legislation. The future tax burden will crush the private sector as well as every individual citizen. Whatever your opinion of the efficacy of legislation such as “stimulus,” Cap and Trade, health care “reform” and dozens of other wild spending programs, there can be no justification for implementing them now during the depending recession (really depression) except to impoverish the populace.Tell me you believe increasing taxes in a recession/depression is actually a solution. If your tub was overflowing would you turn the water on faster before cleaning up the floor?Not wanting to “waste a crisis,” the most dishonest, devious man to ever inhabit the White House is rushing punishing, deceptive legislation past an accepting populace terrified over our existing economic problems before they have figured out his real objective.Thanks for listening.Bob RichardsonGlenwood Springs

Regarding John Colson’s July 22 piece titled, “EnCana Vehicles to Run on Natural Gas”: EnCana’s announcement that it will convert its vehicle fleet to run on CNG is the latest example of Colorado taking charge on the critical issue of low-carbon, fuel-efficient transportation. The U.S. transportation sector accounts for 30 percent of our CO2 emissions, in addition to many other pollutants, so it is a critical target sector for emissions reductions. Natural gas in vehicles produces 25 percent less CO2, and substantially fewer harmful emissions per vehicle mile traveled than gasoline and diesel. EnCana joins AT&T, UPS, Disney, and other leading corporations in appreciating the fiscal and environmental benefits for America in broader use of natural gas vehicles.Colorado also is helping progress this initiative in the nation’s capitol. On Monday, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill (H.R. 1622) that would increase Department of Energy funding by $150 million over five years for natural gas fueling stations and vehicle research, development and production – a measure supported by each member of the Colorado delegation. In addition, Gov. Bill Ritter recently announced a plan to deploy 68 heavy-duty natural gas vehicles and add five new compressed natural gas fueling stations in the state.As politicians in Washington seek solutions for greater energy independence and to combat climate change, they should look to the work being done in Colorado and companies like EnCana and others that are providing public and private-sector solutions to reduce carbon-emissions, and help our nation move towards a cleaner future.Rod Lowman, presidentAmerica’s Natural Gas AllianceReston

Oh, really?In 1917, after hundreds of years of tyrannical rule by the czars, Russia welcomed the Russian Revolution, which brought them the change to Marxist communism. The change they got was worse than what they had.They got from Marx the principles of: (1) “from each according to his means to each according to his needs” (distribution of wealth) and (2) government control of the means of production and the means of distribution. These principles worked so well that in only 70 years of communism the Soviet Union collapsed in economic ruin.In 2008, after eight years of George Bush, the country was clamoring for change when along comes the articulate, intelligent, fabulous teleprompter-assisted orator Barack Obama, promising Change We Could Believe In.So Mr. Obama was enthusiastically swept into office and what we are not getting is the Change Mr. Obama Believes In, which is perilously close to what Mr. Marx advocated. With dizzying speed the “stimulus” bill was passed to spread the wealth around (from each according to his means to each according to his need). Also, the government has taken over the banking, insurance and auto industries and is trying to usurp the energy industry through “Cap and Trade” and the health care industry though “health care reform.” Sound familiar, as in the government controlling the means of production and distribution?When Mr. Obama became president there were four “czars” – a title that raised the hair on my neck from the first time I heard it. Mr. Obama, in less than six months has appointed 32 czars with more looming on the horizon. These czars are appointed by, and answer only to, the president without Senate confirmation, without congressional oversight and they oversee the spending of some $6 trillion (more spreading the wealth around.)I am deeply concerned that we are headed down the path of statism. Statism, by any other name, whether socialism, fascism, communism, progressivism or Obamaism, is still statism. And it always ends badly for the governed. It always ends in tyranny.Is this change you can believe in? I can’t.Leon GarotGlenwood Springs

Responding to Joe Blanc’s “research” (July 23, 2009). My compliments to Joe Blanc on his very civil discourse in his letters, wherein he argues man has no effect on global climate.Unfortunately, his statements are conflicted and, in most cases, absolutely wrong.Mr. Blanc throws out various arguments, hoping something will stick. He states that yes, warming is happening – but it’s stopped. Next, there’s no warming – we’re actually cooling. Then he says the ice situation is balanced and, in the next breath, says the ice is growing. Combined with the above, his statement “there is no global trend in any direction” gets downright entertaining.Copying and pasting distortions from various Internet blogs with their climate change denier talking points just doesn’t work well. Joe’s approach seems to be “global warming isn’t happening and, even if it was, mankind isn’t involved.” This is like saying “I didn’t beat my wife and, even if I did, she deserved it.”Regarding the ice issue, my previous letter discussed the shrinkage of the Arctic ice cap. Joe counters by retreating to the other end of the planet and citing southern hemisphere sea ice short-term data. Not exactly apples vs. apples, but he completely misses the trend: “Arctic sea ice has declined dramatically over at least the past thirty years.” – National Snow & Ice Data Center, News & Analysis ( often argue that warming data from satellites is minimal and of no consequence. This is absolutely incorrect. You can read my personal correspondence with the director of research at NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies regarding satellite data at my website, in the atmosphere has shifted from a lagging indicator to a leading indicator, and those highly knowledgeable about atmospheric physics are very concerned. Our planet is starting to melt like ice cream on the Fourth of July, and no amount of ignoring the evidence, denying it is happening or wishing it wasn’t will change reality. How we cope with the accelerating thaw will be the legacy of the 21st century.Doug DavisCarbondale

I wonder, Joe Mollica, if we deducted the third largest economy from the first, is it still No. 1? True we’ve accomplished much but what have we failed to accomplish to maintain the illusion of greatness via military enforcement of self-serving economic policies, when they make most of these products in the second largest economy. Because they don’t value a good day of work well done in America. America didn’t sacrifice money and blood to stop communism. The facts are rather we spent this to maintain that bloated and overly technocrat military by creating an enemy so as to not have to stand down the whole business in peace time as Constitutionally mandated. A military getting its comeuppance by the most primitive form of defense: guerrilla tactics, because our goal isn’t defeating the Taliban (or those who gave us 9/11 to justify it all) but rather creating another nuclear power to keep the markets of death flourishing. Destabilization has been the “democracy” we’ve been exporting. Something we’re again condemning our best and brightest to needlessly sacrifice their lives to maintain. Same as Vietnam. So what we really should be proud of is the things we’ve managed to accomplish despite the lies and all the half-ass leaders we’ve endured since we won those wars of attrition that created the ripe minds for the delusions you presently suffer.You are right that with greater peace and security will come more prosperity and growth but to get there we have to be honest with the fact we’ve never bothered ourselves to provide either beyond the lip service given to maintain the veil over the real fruit of our vineyard. So come truly Poor in Spirit, for that blessing you falsely bandy about as if never betrayed by the volition of the willful ignorance we’ve chosen as our saving grace. Peace comes only to the peacemakers, and there is the whole of the beatitudes between where we are and what is preached. So Joe, repent and on your knees and ask for forgiveness for what we’re not proud of, to be truly optimistic.Eric OlanderNew Castle

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