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I would like to thank the citizens of Rifle that signed my petitions for term limits and voting districts. We had over the amount of signatures that was needed to have the city place them on the ballot to be voted on Sept. 8, 2009.

At the July 15, 2009 council meeting, the council showed that they were not in favor of these amendments.

The next council meeting on Aug. 5, 2009, it will be a public meeting. You are cordially invited to attend. If you choose to do so, you can give your input on both of these amendments. They need other view points other than mine and even theirs. This meeting could start the way that we will vote for Rifle City Council members.

Thanks for your consideration on this.

John B. Scalzo


After reading Randy Fricke’s disdainful drivel regarding EnCana’s switch to natural gas-powered vehicles, I felt compelled to respond. I’m not sure what Mr. Fricke is using for facts, but it seems his hatred for the gas industry outweighs everything else; talk about trying to mislead the public.

First he tries to compare the so-called “carbon footprint” (an oxymoron) of the gas industry to that of the oil industry’s, and claims, “It has to be huge.” What? Let’s take a look at the environmental impact of getting gasoline and diesel to the pump. First, the crude oil has to be drilled, using a rig a thousand times bigger than a natural gas rig. (An off-shore rig is a small city in and of itself.) Then, the oil is shipped halfway around the world in takers with fifty-thousand horsepower diesel engines, which burn over a thousand gallons per hour. (I saw this on Discovery Channel). Then it is sent to a refinery, where more pollution is created to convert the crude oil into the fuel we burn. Finally, it is loaded into eighty-thousand-pound tanker trucks, burning more fuel to deliver it half-way across the state to get it to the pump. How does that “carbon footprint” compare?

Next, Mr. Fricke complains that the water use is depleting our supply. Seems to me the streams are all running at the same level they have been for the last 40 years. In fact, Rifle Gap and Harvey Gap are maintaining levels far better than they were ten or fifteen years ago, when they would be all but dried up by the end of September.

As far as the $12,000 price tag to convert these vehicles, what do you care? After all, EnCana is a private company and they’re free to spend their money how they like. And who are you to decide whether the public does or doesn’t want to drive a car fueled by natural gas?

The bottom line is, if the nearest gas well was in Utah or Wyoming, we wouldn’t be hearing a word from people like Randy Fricke and the rest of the NIMBY crowd. I agree that gas drilling has its drawbacks, but, until we find a suitable alternative, it’s what we have to work with. So, unless we want to go back to the horse-and-buggy days, we have to make the best of what’s available.

Jim Klein

New Castle

With the state in a budget crunch, our government is looking for ways to fill the coffers. My suggestion is that as we now have to “SHARE THE ROAD”, let’s “SHARE THE COST” with the bicyclists that keep getting more legislation passed so that they can be in the way of those of us who have to be licensed and registered and insured to be on the roadways.

All things being equal, seems to me that they should also help carry the burden that we in motorized transportation have to do.

Debi Carlen

New Castle

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