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I believe political satire to be acceptable as a part of American pop culture, for the most part. However, words cannot describe my reaction after reading “Tom The Dancing Bug” in the July 24 paper.

The attacks on Sarah Palin are beyond cynical. They are personal and ugly, to say the least. And for a family newspaper to publish the Bolling cartoon is disgusting, and everyone at the Post Independent and Aspen Times should be embarrassed.

The use of copy like “MILF” in any form for a daily newspaper is beyond the pale. What would you say to your teenager when they ask you “What is an ‘MILF’?”

This is a black day for the Post and Aspen Times. Your entire staff should hide in shame.

Matt Fullenwider

New Castle

Health care reform without a strong public option is pointless. The entire private health insurance industry is a parasite on both the providers and the consumers of health care. It takes our premiums – which ought to be our fair membership portion in the risk pool – and makes its profit by denying us care when we need it, and by squeezing medical providers to withhold treatment. It contributes nothing to anyone’s well-being, yet costs us hundreds of millions.

How can this be defended as capitalism? Capitalism is supposed to reward enterprises that add value to things. Private health insurance is simply organized theft masquerading as a legitimate industry.

How can a single-payer program be denounced as socialism? Socialism is the government ownership of the means of production. Single-payer simply allows the government to take over the administration of the payments and disbursements for the risk pool that would include us all. It has nothing to do with the practice of medicine.

Our families, communities and country have an interest in a healthy populace just as they do in an educated one. I’m a small business owner, and I work as hard as anyone I know – but I am “uninsurable” due to a “pre-existing condition” from an old injury. Many of my employees over the years have been unable to get affordable coverage, either – and the anxiety of being uninsured takes a big toll, not to mention the financial and personal hardship entailed by even a minor illness. Does anyone calculate the cost of this in terms of lost productivity?

Single payer should be the starting point. If we’re even half as smart as we think we are, we can learn from the good and bad experiences of the nations who have already forged paths to universal health care, avoid the pitfalls and do it better. The only losers will be the health insurance industry, which has had a too-long run of unimpeded plunder. Sure, they’ll fight to keep doing it. But we don’t have to listen to their self-serving lies.

Laurie Raymond

Glenwood Springs

As a follow-up to Ronda Dennie’s letter about the Rio Grande Trail bike path, I would like to comment on the placement of the yellow traffic posts along the trail.

There are several spots along the trail where four posts are placed as a warning of a dangerous intersection. The position of the posts is as dangerous as the intersection, unless you stop and walk through them, which most bikers prefer not to do. The posts are quite close together and give the biker a very narrow strip of pavement to ride on between the outside post and the gravel.

There is good signage warning of an intersection, and there are other spots along the trail with only one yellow warning post, which seems to me adequate and safer.

I have negotiated these posts many times, successfully, but I’ve always been nervous about either hitting a post or going off the pavement onto the gravel. I did both last Thursday and ended up in the emergency room with serious skin abrasions.

I’d like to suggest to the “powers that be” that two of the posts be removed from each of these danger spots.

Patty L. Frederick

Glenwood Springs

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