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When will enough be too much?

Enough of Obama’s unwarranted apologies – to France/Europe: “America has shown arrogance”; to the Muslim World: “We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect”; about the War on Terror: “Our government made a series of hasty decisions.”

Enough Obama lies: “My father was a goat herder, I never practiced Islam, I was a professor of law, I don’t take PAC money. (One source documents 158 lies.)

Enough Obama broken promises: reform earmarks, eliminate small business capital gains taxes, rescue plan for middle class, new jobs tax credit and, especially, regarding lobbyists, quote: “They are not going to run my White House.” (Guess how many former lobbyists now serve in his cabinet.)

Enough of Obama’s unconstitutional, unprecedented, unauthorized, unbudgeted, appointment of “czars” – an overwhelming power grab centralizing authority in the White House outside congressional oversight clearly violating the Constitution.

Congressional leaders from both parties are troubled that he installed these czars without Senate advice and consent. Allegedly, more than 30 czars have been appointed primarily to gain more control over our lives and make important decisions regarding our future. (Be reminded, their compensation is another “big government” payroll cost sponsored by we taxpayers of America.)

Our “worst president” is not just an embarrassment – he’s a disgrace – a threat to our personal freedoms and to the sovereignty and future welfare of our great nation.

Has he not “acted stupidly?” When, oh when, is enough too much?

When will there finally be grounds for impeachment?

God bless America!

Richard Doran


I read in Science News that the sun is at solar minimum. Cooler now, it’s producing the least heat radiating, coronal ejections since 1928. We can expect reduced sunspot activity until 2013. But don’t be fooled by the weather reprieve. The mean temperature of the planet is still on the rise.

It’s reacting to forest decimation, ocean degradation and CO2 rising 1,000 times faster than at any time in the last 400,000 years. We have a small chance to reduce CO2 and ocean-killing toxins and to plant forests. If we don’t, we risk releasing the methane permeating vast, frozen tundra. Though CO2 takes 10 years to reduce once the source abates, methane, an even more insulating gas, takes 100 years to dissipate after the source is cut off.

Some tricks for cutting carbon footprints in the summer are to utilize the ground temperature of 52 degrees and optimize it to cool the home and workplace.

Draw the curtains on the intense sun in west and east windows. Get light from the north and switch hot 100W bulbs for CFL 20W ones. Close up the house up like in winter. Open indoor doors and vents to the basement and let cool air flow. If you live on a concrete main floor even better. That floor warms us in the winter and cools in the summer. Count on it and optimize.

To reduce automotive CO2, let’s put some air in our tires.

Read the shaded fine print on your sidewall and it likely tells you maximum pressure is 44 psi. PR interjected, conventional wisdom, advises us that tires are happiest at 35 psi, but don’t believe it. The last round of federal CAFE rules to increase efficiency in cars, achieved three mpg by adding that 10 pounds to the tire pressure. Running tires under-inflated makes them run hotter and wear out faster. The car uses more gas and resistance shortens the life of the vehicle. Get trucker smart and air up to the max.

John Hoffmann


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