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In response to today’s (Tuesday) letter in the Post Independent concerning health care reform, I refer readers to yesterday’s (Monday) Associated Press article (p.A16): “Fact Check: Distortions rife in health care debate.” This unbiased article will clear up many of the assertions made by Dr. Betsy McCaughey.

After researching Dr. McCaughey, it appears she is the darling of the far-right conservatives and uses her reputation as a fighter against hospital infections to lend legitimacy to her distortions of the Obama health care plan.

On a related topic, this past weekend, Bill Moyer’s Journal on PBS reran his interview with Wendell Potter, a former vice president of Cigna Health Insurance Company. Mr. Potter had been a “numbers” man who had kept the Cigna stockholders happy with cost-cutting measures that denied or retracted coverage. His epiphany came when he visited a free health care clinic in Virginia where he saw hundreds of people lined up in the sun to see doctors, nurses, and dentists set up in tents. His numbers became faces, and he realized that our health care system was “third world.” He resigned and began studying the government systems of other industrialized nations. He believes that the Canadian, United Kingdom and French systems work efficiently and effectively as does our own Medicare system.

So who profits from the status quo? Potter explains that the insurance companies with the “best” medical-loss ratios pay their shareholders the highest dividends which enable their lobbyists to keep both parties’ legislators in line. Isn’t it obvious who is financing the attacks on Obama’s health plan?

Nancy Kyner


I find many of Mr. Rachesky’s letters published in the Post Independent to be the angry rantings of a very close-minded individual, and I try to laugh them off as best I can. Occasionally though, he’ll write something so rudely unfeeling, so out of touch that I must speak up. I already get it that he seriously dislikes Obama, liberals, Democrats, immigrants and environmentally involved persons. Now I see he has great disdain for women as well.

In his Aug. 4th letter, “Loser liberal leaders,” he opens with an attack on Americans over 50, who apparently spat on returning Vietnam soldiers (they didn’t) joined the Weather Underground or the Black Panthers, (wouldn’t those groups have been bigger?) or engaged in the free love movement, especially “… the 20-30 age group as females of the day were seeking (in their own minds) so-called independence …” Yeah, what were we girls thinking of, wanting equal pay for equal work and the right to make our own private medical decisions for ourselves?

Ironically enough, on the same day Mr. Rachesky’s letter was printed, all the major news carriers; CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, AP, VOA, BBC, Reuters, etc. carried the story of Lubna al-Hussein, who writes for a newspaper and worked for the media department of the United Nations mission in Sudan. She was arrested along with 18 other women on July 3 at a Khartoum restaurant after police burst in and checked women for their clothing. Some male member of the “morality police” deemed that her pants were too tight. She has been charged in their court of law, and if convicted will be flogged for 40 lashes. Flogging, in the 21st century, for an employee of the United Nations, because some man didn’t like the way she looked.

We really have come a long way, haven’t we ladies?

Becky Penn

Glenwood Springs

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