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Obama is using the scare tactics to get health care nationalized. That way the government will own your health. Do you have any idea what it will be like to have our people taxed in many ways, and our government collect the taxes to negotiate your care with the lowest bidder? Or perhaps not even take bids and then have someone given the power to decide what you get and what you don’t?

Obama did not write the plan, he told Pelosi to get the bill written and past the Congress and past through Congress by Aug. 1. Why is he in such a hurry?

He wants to be the guy who nationalized health care in America. He just said on TV that Medicare and Medicaid had worked, and “We can do the same.” He wants to take Medicare and Medicaid apart and put together something better with the government handling it? Even when he is told that there is no way he can pay for his massive spending bill he wants to do it.

How many of us have tried to deal with our government concerning an issue with unemployment benefits, disability needs, tax problems, etc. Do we really believe that Obama is able to tear down completely and put it back in a few months?

Consider the administration he has formed so far.

Winifred Mallett


July 17, page 14 of the Post Independent headline, “Obama scraps Bush’s last minute logging plan.”

Bush’s plan was five years in the making and was designed to let thousands of people in and related to the logging and lumber industry who were deprived of their productive work when Clinton’s Northwest Logging Plan reduced logging more than 80 percent on national forests in Oregon, Washington and Northern California to protect habitat for the spotted owl, which was endangered by the barred owl, not the loggers.

Obama’s interior secretary, Ken Salazar, neglected to mention Clinton’s radical shutting down of the lumber industry in much of the three states, which industry Bush was attempting to revive.

Obama’s appointments, except for Gates, point to ward declining production of essentials for economic growth and reduced freedom. His Sotomayor “takes the fifth” on gun rights and appears inclined to reduce women’s right to needed abortion.

Michael Barone classified Americans as hard or soft. Our present national and Colorado administrations and legislations are soft, and Obama can probably be counted on to make our Supreme Court soft, if he can.

Barone, a leading columnist on national matters, believes America can survive as long as hard Americans outnumber soft Americans. Maybe some hard Americans voted soft for Obama.

Obama can do wonders for America and its minorities if he reverses his drive into socialism, but that may now be a dream as impossible as Don Quixote’s.

Dooley P. Wheeler


The whole cash for cars program is really bothering me.

Perhaps for car makers it seems like a good way to increase sales at this time.

Perhaps its a good idea as a way to decrease gas consumption.

However, after all the millions of dollars put into bailing out banks to help consumers that can’t pay their mortgages. Consumers that are not seeing any of the bailout monies or big bank bonuses. Why are they being encouraged to purchase new cars (they probably can’t afford)? Cars that are probably being financed? I know my 1996 Ford Explorer meets the clunker description, but it doesn’t make sense to make a purchase I can’t pay for at this time. I really feel strongly that consumers (everyone) should not be encouraged to keep assuming more debt. What will be financed next?

Shelly Akin

Glenwood Springs

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