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Ross Talbott, it’s good to see the pain-filled rant of a whole column is reduced to a single paragraph of blaming the liberals for lost paradise. As you continue to practice objectivity and learn how intention gives depth to simple summations like “I like the way he sounds” you’ll see a sort of grace settle over you while you learn to live with the present rather than circumvent it with past or fears for the future because this is the lesson of the past we keep forgetting. They’ve even written tomes about it. This is the essence of every story in the book called the Bible.

It isn’t apologies liberals want for the terrorist. Its the acknowledgment that they’re our terrorist. We trained them and financed them when in power and towing our party line, but once they sought to be sovereign nations and defend their own peoples interest they become terrorists. Even though they’re simply doing this via the same repressive means we trained them in, before we abandoned them for not responding to the tug on the master’s leach. The very sad truth is if we had chose to learn this lesson the multitude of times given the opportunity, most of the last century’s violence would’ve never occurred.

The truth is the good USA is by far the world most productive terrorist state. The only reason we’re not on the list is because it is our list. To deny this is to live in utter delusion. The delusion the apparatus of the state has trained you to obediently call reality and justify the addiction by blaming liberals for being removed from reality. Understand blame is always irresponsibility’s pretense of believing it is responsible. You should judge by their fruits because loving your enemy is the one (and only) way to embrace the God you profess waves the flag for you.

As another potter, MC Richards, said: “Love your enemy is the only way to know them.” So this is how a Christian gets in the boat to know Islam. Or anyone we’d rather blame, believing vengeance is ours.

Eric Olander

New Castle

Yesterday I received a letter from my health insurance company informing me that my premiums will increase by 26 percent. Last year’s increase was about 20 percent. My family is on the verge of being priced out of health insurance.

Can anyone seriously doubt that our private health care system is in crisis? As costs rise unsustainably, the number of people who can no longer afford insurance grows. It’s becoming a “death spiral,” where fewer and fewer people remain insured, and the ones who remain must pay a higher and higher share of the costs.

Americans’ fear of “socialized medicine” is completely irrational. I lived in the UK for several years, where they have the National Health Service. It’s not perfect, you do have to wait for elective procedures – but it’s a vastly better system than the one we have in the United States. I would much rather have my health care administered by government bureaucrats than by employees of a private health insurance company whose job is to find ways to deny me coverage.

People who haven’t spent time in other countries think our health care system is the best in the world. It isn’t. We’re way down the list of developed nations for life expectancy and many other health indicators. Our fully privatized system is not only more expensive and wasteful, it produces worse outcomes.

Much has been made of the $1 trillion cost of the Obama health care plan over 10 years, as if that’s an extra $1 trillion we’re all going to have to come up with. While it will increase the federal budget by $1 trillion, it will save many trillions for Americans in their personal budgets. Personally, I would be very happy to pay, say, $5,000 more in taxes if it would save me $10,000 in health insurance and health care costs.

Dave Reed


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