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We need to request, no demand, that our government stop borrowing. We have a national debt of $11 trillion dollars and it is climbing by $1 to $2 trillion a year! We now owe China an estimated $1.4 trillion dollars. That computes out to each American owing the Chinese well over $4,000 dollars.

Republicans have not balanced a budget since the latter days of the Eisenhower presidency. They have long ago abandoned being the party of fiscal responsibility. The last President to have a balanced budget was Clinton, with a Republican congress, otherwise Democrats spend like teenagers with their parents credit cards. Just look at the money Obama has borrowed, and we are only 6 months into his presidency.

Victor Davis Hanson recently wrote: “Imagine instead an America in which we were obsessed with paying for things rather than borrowing, especially abroad. A senator might pontificate, “I propose purchasing another 100 F-22s, and so advocate cutting the national bike-path program.” Or a congressman would bellow, “I demand universal health care and will force the average rich person to give the government another $25,000 a year to pay for it.” Populists could cry out, “We need interest-free student loans, so I urge that those who make $10 million a year give us another $1 million as a surtax.” Conservatives could counter, “We need a supplemental appropriation for Afghanistan, so we have to cut $200 billion from agricultural subsidies.”

In no time at all, we would rethink the way we allowed congress to spend our money. There would be no more buying votes with freebies to special interests. By demanding payment for new programs up front, politicians would risk losing votes when they propose harebrained ideas. We the People must demand that Congress passes a mandatory balanced budget act, and force the politicians to be responsible for their out of control spending, before forces outside out country do it for us. Vote with your wallets come the next election day and send a clear message that we are taxed enough already…

Joe Blanc


President Obama’s “Cash for Clunkers”, the destruction of good vehicles, reminds me of a story my father told me years ago of President Roosevelt’s solution to low farm commodity prices during the Great Depression.

In an attempt to raise farm income, the food supply had to be reduced by destroying crops and animals.

In about 1937, a government agent surveyed the potato and cattle production on Mom and Dad’s Missouri Heights farm above El Jebel. The agent measured the quantity of potatoes in the cellar and then contaminated a portion of them with a purple dye. These potatoes were then dumped in a field to rot. Some farmers close to the Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers dumped their potatoes in the river(s). It was illegal to give those potatoes to people in need.

Suffering a fate greater than the potatoes, a portion of Dad’s cattle herd was destroyed. The carcasses were poisoned so no humans could consume the meat. Dad said this was “just terrible” at a time when many families across the country were in soup lines.

I understand many rail cars of live pigs were emptied into the Mississippi River.

Roosevelt’s Farm Stimulus Program of destruction failed its goal. He did pay the farmers a tiny pittance for the loss of their crops and animals, but nothing like Obama’s $4,500 to destroy perfectly serviceable vehicles.

I would hope President Obama will call a halt to those stimulus programs that lack common sense, especially during a severe recession.

Floyd Diemoz

Glenwood Springs

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