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Regarding the current health care reform bill now under consideration in the U.S. House of Representatives, if one person cannot, or will not read the bill in it’s entirety, including the POTUS, then it should not be sent to the Senate for approval or passed into law.

John Getty


There are those that are being led kicking and screaming into the 21st century. These guys are the ones sending around nostalgic emails of how great things were in those days of Nixon and Reagan, etc. But we need a reality check.

The deficit rose to a high degree under Reagan and government costs and involvement in our daily lives rose, too. We played international fun games with El Salvador, Iraq, Guatemala, Venezuela and Chile to the death of many civilians. Under the Bush Administration we revved up our exploitation of finite resources, without a conscience or consideration. Pollute the ocean, who cares? Disturb wildlife corridors … turn a blind eye. Exploit the aquifers until they are dry or polluted.

Everyone has his bent on this … mine is clean water and air. I grew up around Borger, Texas during the 1950s, when the black smoke from the Phillips carbon black plant filled our lungs and covered the faces of our cattle and walls in our houses. People were contracting lung and other cancers without smoking.

The carbon black plant protested the cleanup was too costly to the company (who cares about the public at large). It was a big fight but now they have scrubbers on their chimneys and the pollution is much better (except when they surreptitiously release a huge plume of black smoke … a burn-off they say). After 35 years they are still in business and cattle have clean faces.

Unless the gas companies start using non-toxic frac’ing fluids (citrus oils are one) and consider the lives of the public that they are putting in jeopardy, they should stop drilling in this area.

The damage to ground water and streams in West Divide and Parachute comes to mind. Wyoming and some other states are beginning to demand they clean up their operations. Just google frac’ing fluid problems as see the multitude of sites that come up.

We can do this, force the gas companies kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The cost of clean-up after they are gone is too much and it may be impossible.

Alice Gustafson

Glenwood Springs

Do you realistically think health care costs are out of control? The amount we spend has increased as a percent of our income. Compare what you paid 60 years ago to today and incorporate your quality of life. Do you really want to return to 1950s level of health care or do you just want to pay 1950s prices for 2009 health care? We all want the latest health care innovations and ultra skills that in the ’50s would only be science fiction. Today they’re like miracles and an unbelievable achievement of the free market.

Do you really want a government health plan consisting of long lines for rationed care forced upon us by a president who is a Marxist? Do you really think Obama and the Democratic party who in the recent past demonstrated they don’t read the bills submitted to them have your best interests in mind? Seems to me it’s nothing but making you more dependent on the current power hungry government.

Our leaders, who have their own private health care plan, paid for by our tax dollars, will not even participate in the plan they are designing for the rest of us. Big government’s attempt to improve our quality of life are programmed for failure, i.e. Social Security, Medicare, Post Office, Amtrak, banking and auto industry, the bailout and now it will be health care. Eighty-five percent of Americans are satisfied with their private health care insurance. Realistically less than 15 million people don’t have health care. So let me get this straight, the rest of us or about 250 million Americans are going to be forced into something we don’t want! Who are we, where do we live, are we not a capitalistic society anymore? Are we not free to choose our own destiny? Nowhere in our constitution does it say we must be forced to have a national health care plan shoved down our throats.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

I’m certainly gratified that Bruno Kirchenwitz, self-confidence personified, found my last letter amusing.

As noted, it was based on a message I heard from a discerning, experienced economist, and I thought it helpful to convey his advice to any wanting to be prepared for the coming fallout of Obama’s reckless experiment in social and economic engineering. If I appeared to promote panic or paranoia, I never meant to.

The disclaimer was, “Assuming the worst, what should we do?” No one, certainly not self-assured, self-reliant folks like Mr. Kirchenwitz, is under any obligation to follow its advice. His reaction was rather telling.

I’d like to think it was shared out of wisdom rather than fear, or lack of faith. Taking some sensible precautions doesn’t necessarily betray unbelief. I’m content to live my life by faith in a faithful god, not in my own finite understanding; and certainly not in a fickle, increasingly irresponsible government, portraying itself as the savior and benefactor of a dependent and gullible populace.

If Mr. Kirchenwitz and assorted cynics (some who cowardly write hate letters to me, without identifying themselves) enjoy ridiculing my faith, that’s their prerogative; they’re simply revealing shallow character, small minds and hearts likely bankrupt of redeeming faith or humility.

They may be amused now, as scoffers who delight in their folly or unbelief always are, but I fear their end may not be quite so amusing. As the ancient wisdom states, pride sooner or later ends in destruction. Mock on.

John Herbst


I want to thank Mr. Teague for his quirky, yet amusing Aug. 18 letter, “ACLU wants to make the USA an atheist country.” The number of misrepresentations and factual inaccuracies he squeezed into one letter is truly dizzying.

Mr. Teague, evolution may be called a theory, but it has abundant empirical data to support it. Where is any evidence of the, “wheel within a wheel,” (Ezekiel 1:16)?

The American system of justice was not founded on the Ten Commandments; it is based on English law, and has its roots in the Magna Carta, issued in 1215. Plus, only three of those Commandments have become laws; do not commit murder, theft or perjury. The “… hope of American justice …” depends not on the application of Christian tenets, but upon impartial judges, factual evidence presented in a court of law and honest verdicts rendered by juries of one’s peers.

The Pledge of Allegiance as “… originally penned …” in 1892 by Francis Bellamy read, “I Pledge Allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” “… of the United States,” and, “… of America,” were added in 1923 and 1924, respectively. “… under God,” wasn’t added until 1954.

The ACLU isn’t trying to strip America of its freedoms. Their goal is to see that those freedoms are applied equally. That means nobody can compel an individual to say or do something that contradicts their beliefs or is inherently unfair. “God,” with a capital G is a word most commonly associated with a Christian deity. Other religions have different names for their deities.

If Mr. Teague can agree to swear to tell the whole truth so help him Shiva, then he can ask a Hindu person to swear to God. If he doesn’t like that idea, hopefully he can find some understanding for persons of different beliefs who don’t like that the Christian God is incessantly paraded before them.

In short, Freedom of Religion includes freedom from religion. Anything less is not freedom of choice for one’s beliefs; it is state-sanctioned beliefs selected for us.

Becky Penn

Glenwood Springs

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