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We have some good people wanting to support the quality and advancement of Rifle by running for City Council. Two names stood out for me as outstanding citizens that are willing to work for the good of Rifle. They have their eyes on the future of Rifle and all the possibilities that are waiting to be explored. These two are Linda Twidwell and Ron Byrd. A vote for these two will ensure a better council that is willing to listen to the people and investigate possibilities for a better future for Rifle. Be sure to vote.

Jan Walker


A writer responding to the Rifle Candidate Forum stated that requiring representatives to live in the actual district they represent is common. It is common in large cities with a population of 25,000 or more. It is not common in small cities the size of Rifle because districting creates unnecessary problems such as finding someone to serve in that district. If no one chooses to serve, then the City Council will select your representative for you. I find that objectionable.

Also, candidates must declare whether they will run in their district or at large. In a small city like Rifle, it would be quite possible for all the candidates to run as district candidates and none at-large. Or they might all choose to run at-large. Either way, City Council chooses someone to fill the empty seat(s). Do you want council to choose your representative?

The writer went on to say, “We need districting so that most of the people who run for council seats, no matter whether rich or poor, regardless of cultural background, would feel as though they were representing their own neighborhoods.” People who make this statement seem to think that each district will comprise entirely people of the same cultural and economic background. The law states that population will form districts without mention of ethnicity or incomes.

A second criterion is that each district must contain one fourth of the persons who voted in the last election. There is no mention of ethnicity or incomes; however, consider who normally votes and who doesn’t vote, and judge whether you think the writer’s criteria would be met. In the last election, 2,654 ballots were sent to registered voters, and 978 ballots were received and verified.

It will cost the city of Rifle thousands of dollars to set up districting and review them for every election. Rifle’s revenues are down about 22 percent. Why would you vote to spend your community’s money so frivolously in these tough times?

It makes no sense for a small city like Rifle to establish districting. Vote NO for districts.

Jay Miller


To all of those people who think that your health care system is working please read the following. Did you know that the CEO of AETNA made $24 million last year? I guess the current health care system is really working for him. What about you?

Michael P. Blair

New Castle

Originally addressed: Dear Congressman Salazar,

As a citizen of Western Colorado, represented by you, I would like to respectfully make the following requests:

1. Please ensure that your actions in Congress are always in the best interest of those you represent rather than that of Speaker Pelosi and the rest of the congressional leadership, of either party.

2. Please vote on all bills brought before the house.

3. Please read and fully understand all bills before you vote on them.

4. If you have not complied with item 3 please vote against the bill.

5. Please work to make existing laws better rather than create new ones.

6. Please understand that most of us take care of ourselves and do not need big government doing it for us.

7. Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation in advance for your honest consideration of these requests.


W. V. Smith


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