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In 2006 the American people, fed up with the endless, pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, changed the party in charge of Congress. What did the new leadership do? Nothing. Which is exactly what was in the best interest of the military industry and the private contractors (more properly known as mercenaries, a term that should make any student of American history shudder) who collect hundreds of billions of our taxpayer dollars every year. And the wars go on, regardless of the interest of the people.

Last year, more than $1 trillion of taxpayer money went to bail out the banks, in trouble entirely as a result of their own hubris. Outraged citizens on the left and the right – the base of both parties – screamed at our Congress. To no avail. The bailout was in the best interest of the banking industry.

So we changed the man in charge, but little else apparently. The wars continue. The bailouts continue, with no new regulations to keep the bankers from running our economy off the rails again. And, if a health care “reform” bill passes this year, you can be sure it will please neither the left nor the right, but, rather, will funnel more billions to the insurance industry while reforming nothing. The 8 to 1 ratio of industry lobbyists to legislators, spending 1.5 million dollars a day on Capitol Hill, will see to that.

Neither of these parties seems to represent anyone but big business any more. Sure, they make a big deal about social issues, to keep us riled up and voting, but when it comes down to spending our money, big business will always win as long as enough legislators stay bought.

I’m gonna go change my voter registration now.

Keleigh Hardie

Glenwood Springs

I am so upset about people like Stan Rachesky who still continue to blame Obama for our current situation. Did a majority of people get brainwashed by Republicans and Fox News and were forced to forget about the George W. Bush presidency and all its wrong-doings?

You seem so convinced that Bush cared for us, but did you happen to forget about one huge incident called Hurricane Katrina? Bush chose to stay on vacation when this natural disaster happened. He was golfing that Tuesday afterwards instead of calling for our nation to unite and help these poor victims. I guess his tee time must have been more important.

I have three words to sum up his presidential legacy: detached, disconnected and disengaged. We can send aid to tsunami victims, but we can’t bail out the city of New Orleans? Even Republicans were irate over this.

You seem to think Obama has a host of bad friends, but your Bush is guilty of the same thing. I’ll give you one name that depicts what kind of greedy friends he loved: Kenneth Lay. Remember that guy?

We should be a nation that is open hearted and open minded. We need to stop all of this hatred and for a moment just give this man a chance. He is attempting to fix this country after the pure chaos it endured during the Bush administration.

I think we all need to stop looking back at our horrible past and start looking forward to a new brighter, more hopeful and happier future. We need to start believing in our president and stop being so negative. I have hope he will save this country.

Mariane Maynard

Glenwood Springs

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