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It is upsetting to see President Obama’s speech banned from our schools. It’s just silly. Judy Haptonstall says that she understood why parents are upset about their “kids being forced to watch something they didn’t approve of.”

Then in the very next sentence she said that she “wouldn’t invite anyone to speak in our schools without knowing beforehand what the message is going to be.” My question is how can parents disapprove of it, when they didn’t know what the message is going to be.

This to me is just pure disrespect of the office of The President of the United States. Not sure why it’s such an issue now, when its been done before in the past.

George H.W. Bush addressed children without any reservations by democrats or republicans, because it’s the President for goodness sake.

Lisa Stimson

New Castle

Originally addressed to Re-1 Superintendent Judy Haptonstall

Regarding the decision to prohibit the Obama address to schoolchildren in the Re-1 School District:

How reassuring to know the system for decision making in the Re-1 School District … I and twelve of my friends can call you and you will bend to our wishes! Of course it will probably help if our agenda is in synch with yours.

Clearly, the parents who called you with their concerns about Obama’s address to schoolchildren were “preaching to the choir.” Personally, I find your choice to censor Obama’s address shameful and embarrassing. I urge you to take a closer look at the demographics of your school district – perhaps it was truly a vocal minority that kept your phone so busy on Thursday.

On a positive note, kudos to Re-2 and the Aspen school districts for having the fortitude to allow the address and not caving in to the hyperbole, fear and hysteria. And kudos to the Post Independent for running the political cartoons that exposed the negative brouhaha for what it was – just plain ridiculous.

Annie Hoghaug

Glenwood Springs

If you were a child of any age in the Re-1 District, what would you think of your school not allowing you to hear President’s Obama speech to the children of our nation? Would it make you wonder “why”? He is the president of our country, and does the district not trust him to speak carefully and with good taste to all these students?

The newspaper said the superintendent made this choice because some 10 or 15 parents protested. We’ll, then they can keep their children home. I think the decision by Superintendent Judy Haptonstall was a terrible mistake.

Judy Bartels

Glenwood Springs

Somebody should put Judy Haptonstall’s name in for the September Glenn Beck Award!

And those responsible for putting her in charge of Roaring Fork School District Re-1 should immediately get her into end-of-political-life counseling (before it becomes mandatory, of course, by one of Beck’s imaginary “Obamacare Death Panels”).

It never hurts to remind ourselves that in the former Soviet Union the leaders were always amazed that in the U.S. we had no need of censorship because the people just did it spontaneously.

James Breasted


For all of you letter writers out there that chastised Superintendent Judy Haptonstall’s decision regarding President Obama’s speech to school children, think about this: President Obama was elected on a rebound because President Bush was so demonized by the media that people were brainwashed to the point of extreme “hate”. Why else would people elect a candidate that said “We live in the greatest nation in the history of the world, I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it”.

Would you take the time to hear a man who associates with the low life that Obama associates with. The latest being Van Jones, disgraced Green Czar who is a convicted felon and self proclaimed communist and bigot who hates white people and who knows who else. Originally, Obama’s message was to be self serving before it was quickly changed by the National Education Association to be more generic. Also consider the fact that many of our young educators are very liberal and in the recent past had to be told not to teach our young children their political leanings. That is up to their parents. Obama’s presentation is available for students to hear now, but how many of you self righteous parents would take the time to listen to it if it’s so important?

Nobody had second thoughts about other president addressing our school children, but this president obviously has a questionable history that makes one doubt his loyalties to America and the American people. The man unfortunately is a Marxist educated in the ways of Saul Alinsky. If you’re not familiar with Obama’s past endeavors that’s the problem. I would suggest starting with reading ” The Obama Nation” by Jerome Corsi, and “Liberty and Tyranny” by Mark Levin. You need to find the reason why Ms. Haptonstall made the right decision. Yes, the office of the President of the U.S. must be respected but there’s a lot more to it with this President than meets the eye.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs pointed out that George W. Bush was reading to kids on 9/11, and it was televised.

The article goes on to wonder whether the Republican party has become a cult. I wouldn’t go that far, but 9/11 should have taught us to stand up with humanity when confronted all around with irrational fear.

When school district Re-1 caved to irrational fear by refusing to air the President’s message to schoolchildren, they missed a teachable moment. Hiding in the apron of policy was the choice of an administrator, not an educator.

Good schools need strong leaders. This time the choice was bureaucracy over leadership.

Dan Sadowsky


“We The People of the United States of America” have as our President one of the most intelligent, articulate leaders of our time. And our local school system won’t allow him to give a speech to our students? For this I am completely baffled, surprised, shocked and disappointed. My own children have attended K -12 and graduated from Re-1, I now have grandchildren attending Re-1.

I am concerned that our public education system dictates that the elected leader of our great nation cannot have access to the very people he represents. Our country is founded on democracy and trust in our citizens. Not only “In God We Trust”, in politicians, clergymen, business and civic leaders, auto mechanics, construction workers, healthcare workers, policemen, firemen and yes most of all in teachers we trust! How does the school district say to our youngest and brightest minds not to trust the President to speak to them about their own future? This is an example of the paranoia of our citizens that a political position other than their own should not be heard. I believe our government is designed for the good of all men, women and children. It is a privilege to learn about democracy in our schools, rather than having our knowledge dictated by a one party system.

Our schools missed a great opportunity to have someone other than parents or teachers inspire our children to do well in school. You missed an opportunity to express the value of education which would have made your job as educators just a bit easier.

I would hope that our schools would allow our leaders to speak to our children about the responsibility of being well educated citizens. It does not matter if that message comes from President Obama, Senator John McCain or another great American. The message of intolerance and mistrust has been sent through your decision, I ask that you do not make this mistake in the future. Make your decisions on behalf of our children to enhance their education and do not make decisions that are driven by partisan politics.

Stephen L. White

Glenwood Springs

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