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After reading the Fleisher article in the paper and giving it due consideration, I feel that we have newcomers to the area that want to change everything that has been here and enjoyed for years and years. The Garfield County Fairgrounds have been in that location almost since Rifle was established in 1905. Events have been enjoyed in that location, it is a handy location, easy to find, easy to access, and needs to stay right there.

Fleisher apparently has dollar signs in their eyes and care nothing about the town or the people who want to keep the fairgrounds right there. Fleisher want to subdivide the ground and fill it with big ugly buildings and call it progress. All Fleisher wants is big bucks pouring into its pockets and the devil with something that is old and cherished and still quite useful. An indoor facility has been added that only made the fairgrounds more usable. The fairgrounds need to remain in their Railroad Avenue location, and Fleisher needs to look elsewhere to plant their big plans or even try another town or city and leave the fairgrounds alone.

Jan Walker


Also addressed to Sen. Udall:

We are concerned about the 81 gas leases on federal land that have been let outside of Carbondale in the Thompson Divide Area including Thompson Creek and Fourmile Creek watersheds, Muddy Basin, Coal Basin and the headwaters of East Divide Creek.

Specifically, we are concerned about the social, environmental and economic impacts oil and gas development may have on the area. We live, work and recreate here, and many depend on use of these federal lands for their livelihood.

We have grave concerns about the quality of life being lost in this area where we have loved living for more than 30 years.

This area should be protected from oil and gas development. I urge you to sponsor legislation to withdraw this area from leasing availability, subject to existing rights, so that the local community can work with current lease holders to retire existing leases. Help us protect Thompson Divide.

Linda Singer Froning


Tolerance, decency and respect for political institutions are hallmarks of our democracy and all civilized societies.

Re-1, as the institution responsible for educating our children, must support and teach these values. This past week, instead of upholding this mandate, they allowed their policies to be determined by a few parents who are afraid to expose their children to any viewpoint that might differ from their own.

In his address, the president asked our children to work hard and make no excuses. He told them they are the future of our nation. This is hardly a controversial message. But no matter what the message, the opportunity for our children to listen to the president should have been viewed as an honor. In fact, I think this address should have been attended by all in our schools as a sign of respect for our country, our form of government, and the office of the president.

Lori Fairbanks

Glenwood Springs

The decision to not allow the video of Obama in our schools is a great example of Re-1 limiting the exposure of their kids to a conflicting issue, specifically the question of what is a contaminant. Many parents see Obama and any speech he gives as a contaminant. Imagine that someone let the list of people you mentioned in your letter into your child’s school to give a one way speech to a captive audience of kids on the benefits of integrity and honesty. Imagine the speech is well delivered, and everyone is nodding their heads in approval of the sweet words of affirmation coming forth. After the speech, all of the parties will go their ways, and continue the acts that made them so famous. What good is the speech at this point? No good, I think we would all agree. The decision to not make our kids a captive audience to a politician we don’t agree with is not disrespectful or against the definition of an education. It is a good decision to keep slippery politicians where they belong while respecting political diversification in our school systems. Way to go Re-1.

Mic Baca

New Castle

I was both intrigued and perplexed by Becky Penn’s comments of Aug. 20, titled “Freedom of Religion Includes Freedom From Religion.”

Fortunately for secularists, that statement is true in this great nation, undoubtedly founded on Judeo-Christian principles rooted in the word of God. Atheists and those of other faiths should thank God (or whoever) that convictions and laws based on scripture have helped create the most tolerant, freedom-promoting nation on Earth (at least, until about nine months ago.)

Could Ms. Penn encounter the same climate of liberty in nations embracing atheism (communist China and Russia, until 1989 – check out their human rights records); or founded on Islamic sharia law (Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia – ditto for their religious rights abuses); or Hinduism (India, where numerous Christians are likewise murdered each year)? No way.

If secularists insist on freedom from religion, ignoring the ancient wisdom and guidance leading to eternal joy and salvation (versus eternal destruction) revealed in the word of God, that’s their, um, God-given right (a foolish choice, but still their right).

Anyone seriously studying the founders of this republic will find the majority were Christian; approximately 50 of the 55 signers of the Declaration were believers, and many were ministers. But more current historians are secularists, and have been quite successful in revising our history to support their agenda. And many today are swallowing their line.

Please re-read the Declaration of Independence; you will find at least four clear, unashamed references to God. Evidently, our founders promoted, but did not force, freedom of religious faith – not from it.

Then Ms. Penn makes the astonishing claim that “the ACLU isn’t trying to strip America of its freedoms.” Well, when it comes to religious freedom – especially for Bible-believing Christians – that is precisely what it has ardently been doing for years. Take an unbiased look at its recent cases and lawsuits against Christians, and it should become abundantly clear, for those unafraid to confront the truth. The “American Criminal Lawyers’ Union” is the most diabolical organization in our history.

John Herbst


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