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Democrats had no reservations about Bush Sr.’s speech to children?

I quote from a Sept. 13 letter to the editor on school district Re-1’s withholding President Obama’s address to school children on Sept. 8: “George H.W. Bush addressed children without any reservations by Democrats and Republicans, because it’s the president, for goodness’ sake.”

What that statement did not tell you was H.W. was damned for speaking to those children.

The Democratic controlled House Education and Labor Committee ordered the General Accounting Office to investigate the cost and legality of Bush Sr.’s speech to the students. A number of Bush officials, including Secretary of Education, had to testify in hearings before the committee. Both Bush’s and Obama’s speeches were similar in their message to encourage children stay in school.

There absolutely were “reservations” by Democrats when Bush gave his speech. What do you call GAO investigations and forced hearings before Congress?

Floyd Diemoz

Glenwood Springs

Everyone and their cousin is up in arms over the Messiah’s salvation plan for health care.

Come on, people! It’s time to lose the Pollyanna attitude. Nothing will change in Washington until lobbying is recognized as bribery and outlawed. That should happen about the time pigs fly.

Meanwhile the illegal immigration elephant in the room is being ignored. Though Obama promised a transparent stimulus plan, free of politics, to upgrade border security, our government is continuing a Bush policy that is secretive and rife with political pork.

Congress ordered Homeland Security to create a prioritized list of needed checkpoint repairs. So, a Montana station that averages three travelers per day gets $15 million of our tax dollars, while in Laredo, Texas, a station that serves 55,000 people per day gets nothing. Napolitano’s home state had a station that received $199 million, five times more than any other checkpoint, even though it wasn’t high on the list.

Recently, six men were arrested in Tijuana for stealing chunks of our border fence to sell as scrap metal. We give hundreds of billions to morally bankrupt bankers, but pay only lip service to border security.

So, folks, get used to reading the funnies on the front page. The change and hope we were promised was just political blather. Some new faces are at the public trough, but basically, it’s business as usual.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Rep. Joe Wilson’s House rebuke is the best example, yet, of the “tyranny that is taking away our liberty.”

We are “served” by “nincompoops” in Congress who have nothing more to do than “vote on bills they haven’t read” – but can take the time to rebuke a fellow congressman who had the gumption to speak out against the lies of a president who is leading this nation to failure.

What a travesty of justice!

But what goes around, comes around. Some time before the upcoming elections of 2010 and 2012 the people that put Obama in office, along with Congressional leaders(?) who are supporting his socialistic agenda, will become aware of just how far he has taken this great nation toward destruction. I am certain that all of the “legitimate” American voters will be adversely affected enough to finally rebel against this “Democratic dynasty” that has lost all sense of our founding fathers’ unique governmental concept.

There is still time, fellow Americans, to come to the aid of your country. Let’s get back the control that we once had. Those whom we elected should represent us, not themselves!

This is a challenge to all of you who voted in office those who now control our lives, our freedoms and our pocketbooks.

God Bless what is left of America.

Richard Doran


I am writing this letter to inform you of a happy story about a woman and her African spurred tortoise.

Aug. 6 Penny started looking for her pet Mylee. Mylee was picked up on Highway 82 and was been given a ride back and forth from Rifle to Glenwood Springs for a week. Mylee then escaped from that nice person who was helping Mylee go back and forth. Mylee then traveled about a mile where she had a visit with another family. That lasted for only one day, when Mylee then traveled another mile and meet a family that knew she couldn’t stay outside while the temperature was cooling down. They took Mylee into their home and started looking for Mylee’s family. Mylee and Penny were reunited on Sept. 14. Mylee had been gone for nearly 11⁄2 months, traveling from Cattle Creek to Rifle.

Penny was very happy to see Mylee. She gave the family $200 reward for finding Mylee and keeping her safe.

I hope that you write the story up and contact us so we can show that there are nice and wonderful people out there who do care about one another.

Thank You,

Marie Dunlap

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