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Let’s give the superintendent a break. We have all read the letters blasting the decision not to subject our schoolchildren to our liberal, leftist, socialistic president’s speech (although the speech was very good and the president is a great role model for our kids).

The new whipping post should be whoever made the decision to work on two of the town’s bridges at the same time. Work hour traffic is bad enough, but then add to the downtown flow all the vehicles that would normally turn off on the 27th Street Bridge, and we have a huge mess.

Our traffic directors at the city have given us traffic calming planters on Midland Avenue, back-in parking at Sayre Park and downtown Cooper Avenue, and a speed bump/ramp at a stop sign on Midland Avenue (don’t understand why we need to slow down from a stop).

Most of these great decisions have been reversed at a great waste of taxpayer money. Too bad they cannot reverse their decision to work on both the bridges at the same time. The great news about the current traffic problem and the superintendent’s decision is that in another couple of weeks both will be forgotten.

Greg Hire

Glenwood Springs

Thank you to the Post Independent for your recent articles covering and exposing the Wilderness Workshop and Hidden Gems proposal to the public.

I am a 34-year-old native of the valley “born and raised” here and have watched my access to public lands do nothing but shrink. I think wilderness designation is an extreme act, and there are plenty of other ways and means to achieve protection that would still allow recreation.

I attended the Carbondale Parks and Rec meeting last Wednesday where more than 200 people from several different user groups, multigeneration homesteaders and ranchers showed up to basically protest the workshop’s proposal.

I cannot speak for everyone there but most do not want any new wilderness designation whatsoever. They all believe as I do that nothing should change, that there is a great balance of roadless/hiking, mountain biking, ATV/ motorcycle, 4-wheeling, etc.

They are sick and tired of losing access to their “public lands” and do not appreciate some extremist group trying to pull a fast one on them behind their backs. Most of the people at this meeting had just found out about this proposal in the last month.

I urge all the public to get informed and involved. Please write your congressman, commissioner, mayor, town council, etc., as we all have a stake in this debate before it’s too late! By the way, none of the “motorheads,” as Pitkin County Commissioner Hatfield refers to us, support oil and gas development!

Joe Hultquist


Who’d a thunk it? In Obama’s first eight months of his presidency, he: 1. took over the mortgage and banking industry; 2. made the U.S. government the largest shareholder in the U.S. auto industry; and 3. created positions for more than 30 czars or left-wing loons who couldn’t pass an FBI security clearance because of their past history and associations. This includes an avowed communist, Marxist, foul-mouthed radical anarchist by the name of Van Jones as the green czar, not to mention a few other gems like Cass Sustein, regulatory czar who wants to give “animals the right to sue in court,” and John Holden, who advocates compulsory abortions.

And by the way, if Obama wasn’t elected president he wouldn’t have been able to pass a security clearance either. What does that tell you about our president?

4. Obama is in the process of bankrupting our country with a deficit of more than $10 trillion over the next 10 years

5. He is requiring the reading of Miranda rights to terrorists and labeling U.S. veterans as terrorists and putting us on a watch list

6. He bowed to a Saudi King, warmly greeted socialist President Chavez and attended a meeting with Nicaraguan Marxist Ortega. What’s he trying to do, install a Venezuelan socialist takeover of our country?

7. Currently he is in the process of trying to dismantle our First Amendment rights by silencing talk radio and other mass media avenues of political disagreement.

8. He is planning on limiting our Second Amendment rights (gun control) by making it impossible to purchase ammo; 9. eliminating states rights (the 10th amendment); 10. and is attempting to control our school curriculum by influencing young impressionable minds using unsuspecting left leaning public school teachers; 11. destroy energy production with cap and trade laws; 12. socializing our entire health care industry; and 13. distributing our hard-earned money (your wealth) to the malcontents of our society.

Is this the kind of “hope and change” you bargained (voted) for? Who’d think this could ever happen to the best country on earth and in such a short period of time? Not me! How about you?

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

Regarding Gov. Ritter’s recent speech to Club 20, it appears that he is now joining the likes of Penry, Bradford and the members of Club 20 who are worshipping at the altar of the energy industry.

The governor also stated that he will back legislation to give the energy industry corporate welfare in the form of tax deductions for their operating expenses even though he backed legislation that took away the property tax exemptions for seniors and veterans because the state was running a deficit. It seems that he chooses to ignore the fact that the mineral severance tax in Colorado is one of the lowest in the nation giving the energy companies a huge tax break but has no problem raising taxes on the general public by schemes such as drastically increasing fees collected by the state.

Could it be that the governor is trying to take advantage of the corrupt two party political system’s legalized bribery scheme known as “campaign contributions” in order to obtain more contributions from the energy industry?

Garry Evenson


In mid-October, Pitkin and Eagle county residents will have a chance to vote for an Energy Smart Loan Program that will do a critically important thing for our valley: put the construction trades back to work. Energy Smart (Referendum 1A on your Pitkin County ballot) will create new jobs for carpenters, plumbers and other tradespeople as homeowners install new windows, insulation and clean energy systems. Please vote Yes on 1A via mail-in ballot!

Rob Russell


The UN Treaty of the Child is nothing more than a document that would allow the United Nation’s members the right to tell every American how to raise/train and discipline their children. It’s just cloaked in feel-good, innocent-sounding language. No way should any American citizen agree to this treaty.

A treaty is not like a bill that can be repealed. Once agreed to, we are stuck with the nightmare.

The United States is the greatest country in the world – even Obama admits that. (Then he wants us to join him to change it -duh)!

Why should we want to allow countries to govern our child-raising/training when they cannot even get their own governments right? This treaty is one of the most dangerous treaties ever.

For your information, I have a right to decide what my children will see and hear. Neither you nor anyone else has the right to tell me what I have to expose them to. Try it and you will have a major battle.

I will expose children to the Bible and every other book that shows them this country was founded on Biblical principles and that is why it is the greatest country to live in. Quite unlike the others. All Americans should tell Rice to never ratify this extremely threatening treaty.

As for Obama’s speech, he could have simply made a speech to the American children on TV, and it could have been recorded by anyone wanting their child to hear it. And if you want your child to really get the most out of what he said, send for the workbook so you can assist Obama, and show your own child how to serve the president.

Get over the incident in Re-1. It is no big deal, whether or not you wanted your child to hear him. You still can. It was not a rare thing, after all. Obama likes himself. He is on TV nearly every day! He’s convinced if folks don’t like him, they are merely misguided, so therefore most people must like him. He is sure of it.

Juanita R. Williams


I find it pointless for people to continue bashing Judy Haptonstall for a mistake that she apologized for. If it was that important for your kid to see Obama’s speech why don’t you be parents and watch it with your kids. Be parents! I find it funny that you spend your time bashing Judy instead of accepting her apology and moving on. Please stop bringing it up. It is old news, move on.

Jeff Carlson

Glenwood Springs

I was very disappointed to see letters criticizing the Post Independent for its coverage of the man facing drunken driving charges.

As a former victim of an accident involving a drunken driver, it’s very important that newspapers report these stories. In this particular story, the man was arrested for DUI and child abuse. According to the story, he rolled his truck down an embankment with four children inside. This isn’t the first time he’s been arrested for alcohol driving offenses.

Yes, this story should have been reported. I find the criticism to have been completely misplaced.

This accident could have resulted in a tragedy. As someone who was also lucky to have avoided a tragedy in my accident, there’s one simple message: Don’t drink and drive.

Denise Hollinger

Glenwood Springs

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