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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

You would think that Glenwood Springs, being in the heart of the Rockies, calling ourselves “The Spa of the Rockies,” would be very environmentally conscious.

Well, we “Talk the Talk, but we don’t Walk the Walk.” Such as the playground equipment at Two Rivers Park. I’m sure a lot of you have been there with your kids before playing on this equipment, and some of us longtime residents recall it being put in. Well, now it is in a big scrap pile waiting to be put in a landfill.

My understanding is the project going on in Two Rivers Park required it to be moved out of the way so the new work can be done. When I contacted the city, before I realized the equipment was totally ruined, and asked if I could reuse some of the equipment, they said because of liability reasons it could not be reused.

Now how can that be? When the Hot Springs Pool years ago bought new exercise equipment they donated the old equipment to the high school. How did they get around the ever-worrisome liability?

I am sure there is some community school, or neighborhood park in the valley, that could have made good use of that equipment. But no, instead, the city decided to take the mostly plastic material and bury it in the landfill.

How often do you see recycling bins at city run events? Not very. You walk down main street Carbondale and there are recycling bins on the city street.

We all have seen the people that sit at the trash cans at the Mountain Fair and direct you to the proper recycling bin to use because all the utensils they use are recyclable. Have you ever seen that at Strawberry Days? Nooo. We should be setting the example for proper stewardship of our environment, not lagging behind.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

The recent letter from Karen Foster (Sept. 17) illustrates some of the fears and myths being spread about proposed health care bills. For example, the myth that “Medicare would be robbed of almost $5 billion” actually refers to a dialing back of Medicare increases, which are projected to reach $803 billion over the next 10 years. In fact the House bill gives Medicare $340 billion more over the next decade.

The House bill does not give anyone, illegal immigrants included, free health care. Although, under a 1986 law, free emergency health care is given to all those who cannot pay; these costs are absorbed by hospitals and those of us who have medical insurance. Requiring medical insurance for the 47 million uninsured will help reduce everyone’s health care costs. And what does she mean by “drive through mastectomies”? This sounds quite absurd indeed!

These and other health-care lies such as “death panels” and “a health choices commissioner” deciding what benefits you get are fostered (no pun intended) by the fear-mongering of talk radio shows and Fox News, and are being strongly pushed by the industries who make a living off of sick people. Let’s face it; it is a total disgrace for one of the richest nations in the world to rank 37th in the world in its health system (WHO report), 24th in healthy life expectancy (WHO), and 29th in infant mortality (CDC).

No, we do not have the best medical care system in the world, and this needs to be changed.

Please urge your representative and senators to pass a health-care reform bill that will provide reasonable medical coverage for all. This is a moral issue for our country.

Bob Millette

Glenwood Springs

The prospect of having 100 producing gas wells in or near our Planned Unit Development of 1989 raises many concerns to the residents. The focus of concern should not be limited, however, to the pad locations and directional drilling operations. One must also consider the production and delivery phase of the massive output from about 100 wells. This phase includes monitoring flow rates, leakage detection, safety monitoring, consolidation of output, removal of possible contaminants, temporary storage of output, fire and explosion mitigation, ad infinitum. This involves lots of piping, electricity, and water, and monitoring at points of consolidation. And all of this must be contained in about 1,000 acres surrounding our homes.

But perhaps most worrying, the transport of the gaseous output by piping to any considerable distance cannot be practically and effectively accomplished. In the interest of efficiency and cost, the product must be liquified to reduce the volume of the product very soon. This means there will be a number of compressor stations at key locations usually powered electrically or sometimes by gas turbines. In any event there are no compressor designs in existence more than about 80 percent efficiency. This means the waste heat must be dissipated, either by water cooling or air cooling. The reader may have noticed big triple fans near the highway pipelines – for waste heat rejection.

With the wide spacing of the Antero drill pads, try to imagine the network of piping, small buildings, etc., in the open areas of the Battlement Mesa PUD as a connected industrial operation to do all of the above. Are there safety concerns?? Are there environmental concerns?? Are there noise concerns?? You be the judge for 100 wells.

Larry Soderberg Parachute

Tammie Meck places the blame for high health care costs on the American people because of our eating, drinking and “crap” we ingest. I agree, Americans are guilty, but how do you legislate diet and exercise?

Health care providers are changing pricing structure to accommodate those of us who are diet conscious and exercise regularly. They are raising the rates of obese people and those who smoke or drink to excess. That has to come from the provider and not government. They have our medical information and are more capable of making health risk evaluations than some hired hand sitting in a Washington cubicle. We may not agree with them at times, but it beats the alternative.

Illegal immigration health care costs can be stopped, and that cost is substantial. The actual expenditure cannot be accurately estimated because hospitals do not distinguish between illegals’ and citizens’ services.

I am not passing the blame or complaining but simply giving facts. This is one guaranteed way of reducing health care costs. Can you argue that it isn’t? If we can save hospitals and other medical facilities billions of dollars in free care given to illegal aliens that savings would be passed down to us. If we could save 10 percent a year or even 5 percent by exempting illegals from free medical benefits wouldn’t that be a step in the right direction?

There are television commercials by the hundreds advertising diet programs, exercise programs and instructions on what foods to avoid and what are healthy. You simply cannot force people into doing something they don’t want to do unless you want Washington snooping through your refrigerators and pantries. I know there is a movement to place higher taxes on pop and junk food floating around Washington. Schools have taken these items out of vending machines but do not require P.E. classes where exercise and diet could be taught.

There are many things that can’t be legislated. Eating habits and exercising are just two of them. Morality is another. If morality could be legislated Washington would be a ghost town.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

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