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The last time a friend from the East Coast visited me, he asked if I ever take our amazing surroundings for granted. I’d be lying if didn’t admit to doing that at least some of the time. I tend to forget to appreciate what’s right in front of me 24/7.

The same is true for RFTA. I ride the bus frequently and forget to appreciate what a great service it offers. Fortunately the Colorado Association of Transit Agencies (CASTA) recently recognized RFTA and Dan Blankenship for its greatness. RFTA was awarded Large Transit System of the Year, Transit Marketing Program of the Year, and Dan Blankenship, RFTA’s CEO, was awarded Transit Administrator of the Year.

RFTA has significantly increased the mobility throughout our region while simultaneously fostering economic prosperity and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

So I thank the voters who have supported RFTA in the past. I thank the RFTA board for its regional collaboration that’s critical to its success. I congratulate the RFTA staff for its dedication to excellent (and award winning) service.

Last, but certainly not least, I congratulate Dan Blankenship for “driving this bus” so well for 20 years. I have witnessed his tireless efforts to make RFTA what it is today and appreciate his commitment to achieving the lofty goals that our community has demanded – including the Hogback Route, the completion of the Rio Grande Trail, funding of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, system efficiencies that rival major metropolitan areas, and much, much more.

So before I forget, thanks RFTA. And thanks Dan Blankenship.

Dan Richardson


I must take a moment to thank all our local cheerleaders/pom for their hard work and dedication. I want to thank them for all the hours they put in practicing to make it seem easy and seamless. I want to thank them for the effort and spirit they put in every cheer and every dance routine. I want to thank them for keeping their school spirit high and their grades up. I want to thank them for being ever present while getting none of the spotlights or accolades given to others. I want you all to know what you do matters.

Cheerleaders seem to be the butt of all jokes and the outcasts of the athletic community. There was a time when they were appreciated and looked up to. They work hard and put in a lot of time practicing. Their stunting and dances take a lot of time and energy and are just as athletic as any other sport. They compete and earn letters and have to maintain their grades just like any other sport. Yet most schools have no budget set aside for them so they have to work harder to fundraise, go without the right equipment to practice on and bear the burden of paying for their own uniforms and transportation. Then to add insult to injury when they express interest in traveling with the team to away games they get told they can’t. Then the players and fans slam them as not being willing or caring enough to travel. Do you think if the football team was only given $50 for the whole team as travel funds and no bus they would get very far? Also when was the last time anyone went to their competitions? Where are their trophies displayed? Where are their plaques hung?

I hope the next time you are at a game you take a moment to really watch what these squads do. Instead of jeering or ignoring take a moment and admire their school pride and class. Take just one moment out of your day to say thanks.

Kim Pierson


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