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Mr. Garot in his letter to the editor of Oct. 5, tries to make an analogy between taxing people who don’t have cars for auto insurance and taxing people who don’t have healthcare insurance for health insurance. The analogy doesn’t work because people who don’t have cars generally do not have car accidents and everyone has occasion for a doctor or medical care at some point.

Mr. Garot and Mr. Rachesky, and many of the vocal opponents of public option health care always ignore the fact that we pay for indigent health care in any case. We subsidize hospitals that provide care to people that flood the emergency rooms after primary care is not sought.

We pay for Medicaid for unhealthy lifestyles that result in diabetes or other chronic conditions after preventative care is not affordable. The cost of a premature baby is astronomical.

Insurance companies do not make a little money denying claims and procedures, they make a lot. They collude on rates and terms, cherry pick the young and healthy and send the chronically ill to Medicaid (which we pay for) or the poorhouse (which we pay for) or both.

A not for profit choice – then and only then – will force them to compete with each other. Or, if enough people like Mr. Garot and Mr. Rachesky choose to keep their current insurance (and I can assure you both have insurance), they can remain exactly the same, as nowhere will “government health care [be] forced on us.”

Those pesky moral issues, that Republicans find unsophisticated and “touchy-feely” aside, the results of a healthier populace will mean lower cost to government, citizens and even the blessed businesses. The cost will be up front and not obfuscated by the “I’ve got mine” crowd.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

Regarding the health care industry, can someone explain why the for-profit model that is being protected so vehemently is as valuable a “bang-for-the-buck” system as it’s being presented to be? By some estimates, between 9 and 20 percent of every dollar paid in premiums by an insured person is not applied to their health care. It is handed over to shareholders as dividend payouts every three months; paid out in CEO’s salaries; used for advertising or lobbying efforts; and, used to pay the wages of bureaucrats whose main function is to deny claims by the very people who are paying for their own health insurance. And let us not ignore the many insured who find their coverage has been canceled when they need it the most.

The premiums paid by the insured are the lifeblood of our health care system, yet a significant portion of that lifeblood is siphoned away and handed over to anonymous people who contribute nothing to the health care of the insured. In my definition, that’s a parasite … like a flea. Those fleas don’t hand out bandages, read charts or X-rays, stitch up wounds or even hand an insured member a form to fill out. So, will somebody please explain why those fleas are being protected and defended as they are?

It’s time to weed out the parasites infesting our nation, and create a new system. A system accountable to the American public, whose sole purpose is to provide the American public with the health care that they are paying for. I don’t care what you call it, we deserve such accountability no less than any other advanced nation. After all, if your cat had an infestation of fleas, you’d get rid of them, wouldn’t you?

Becky Penn

Glenwood Springs

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