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I would first like to address these jewelry people or these people that sit around and draw circles on maps, I guess they try to pick out places on a map for wilderness.

They must just say, “Oh, this is a nice place, let’s call this wilderness.” I am not sure if these jewelers know what wilderness is or if they have ever been in a wilderness area.

Some of the comments I have read in favor of this are a little misinformed what the national forest is or how the present wilderness areas were established. These areas way back when were indicated as primitive areas and other qualified areas were also added later. In my opinion, I think there is enough wilderness in the White River National Forest.

Something to think about is why these forest reserves were established under the Department of Agriculture. Now, why was that? These gem people ought to give that some thought.

Other news in Glenwood is comments by City Council who think that it is not appropriate for Valley View Hospital to establish a cancer center that is so tall that it will make the Catholic Church look so small. Maybe my wife would be alive today if there was a cancer center here.

The other news in Glenwood is that a county commissioner is trying to get the gem people and some of the forest users together; maybe that person should run for Congress. Like my father and the old farmers used to say, it’s all hog wash. That’s the best way I could say it.

Tom Williams

Glenwood Springs

No thanks, Barack!

Don’t even bother to “throw me a bone!”

I’m “one of more than 50 million Social Security recipients” who won’t get a cost-of-living increase next year, and probably one of many who never relied upon “cost-of-living” adjustments to enhance our lifestyle.

Instead, under the free enterprise system, many of us had substantial control over our earnings potential, since our income was based upon sales and management “incentive programs.” This allowed us high income potential in direct relationship to our own personal job performance achievement.

Instead of a measly $250 for each of us who have “earned” our retirement, how about a big tax break for the younger generations who deserve the same benefits provided to those who prospered under the sound economic growth programs of the Reagan administration.

Mr. President, your “statist policies” like the “failed stimulus programs” and the “federal takeover” of key industries have already created a financial burden beyond comprehension without any noticeable improvement in our nation’s sick economy.

Stop “throwing our money at problems.” History has proven this doesn’t work.

Instead, initiate programs that will allow the “free market system” to again prevail, implement personal and business tax breaks, and for goodness sake stop the unprecedented government wasteful spending that has characterized your administration.

Our nation thrives on liberty, so stop the tyranny!

God bless America!

Richard Doran


When is the Congress going to represent the majority of Americans instead of just the wealthy and the unrestrained greedy? Are we going to have to remove money from elections, disband the Senate, maybe both?

David Mead


In this day when jobs are not to be found and people are struggling to survive, it is astounding that we are asked to vote on four issues that would raise taxes and cost everyone more money.

Take the new “nursing home,” for instance. That is designed for people who can take care of themselves and that is not what a nursing home is to my way of thinking. Each horseshoe of 10 rooms will have its own kitchen. Now if a person is able to cook for themselves, why would they be in a nursing home to start with? When asked who would supervise this, it was said the housekeepers or a CNA. A housekeeper? Would they be specially trained to do that as well as be a housekeeper? $45 million dollars is an extremely large amount of money that will be on your taxes for the next 30 years.

To my way of thinking, all four issues need a definite no vote as they will all raise your taxes and they are not really necessary things to have at this time. Wait till the economy is back up and stable and then think about getting carried away with stuff.

Jan Walker


Also addressed to Rep. Salazar,

We are concerned about the 81 gas leases on federal land that have been let outside of Carbondale in the Thompson Divide Area including the Thompson and Fourmile Creek watersheds, Muddy Basin, Coal Basin and the headwaters of East Divide Creek.

The area prioritized for protection by the Thompson Divide Coalition includes watersheds that supply clean water for wildlife, fish, farms and ranches and many citizens of the Crystal and Roaring Fork valleys.

The Thompson Divide area provides access to remote hiking, horseback riding, skiing, motor and mountain biking and snowmobiling as well as sightseeing, picnicking and enjoying the fall colors.

Thompson Divide area grazing allotments are the heart of many local cattle operations. Drilling and associated roads and traffic would disturb grazing.

Oil and gas drilling operations are exempt from the Clean Drinking Water Act and hydraulic fracturing is known to introduce harmful chemicals and damage underground aquifers.

This area should be protected from oil and gas development. I urge you to join us to stand up for these places before it is too late.

P.S. Please always remember when you are looking at an issue: Water is in short supply in Colorado. Oil and gas are important in America, but keeping potable water protected is an overriding concern in our state.

Patricia O. Fender and William O. Fender


How much more of Mr. Vallario’s oppression are we, the people, going to take? Seems like every week he’s got some new “rule” he’s imposing on us citizens, usually one that takes away or threatens to take away more of our rights.

Now he wants volunteers to pass extensive background checks that I doubt even he can pass, at least without “editing” his background.

What exactly is he trying to solve by doing this? All people have some bad in them, and some good in them. Apparently, he thinks it’s either one or the other. I’m sure he thinks he has no bad in himself.

By imposing this on these volunteers, he is depriving the people of a valuable life-saving service, to flaunt his power.

Next thing you know, we’ll be getting stopped on the streets, to be asked for “our papers.” “What, you have no papers? Come with me!” Does nobody remember what happened in Nazi Germany? Not too many of us are alive to remember those things firsthand, but they happened, nonetheless.

I fully realize how dangerous this is to speak out against someone like our fearless sheriff, but I for one am tired of watching him walk all over us to promote his own interests. Of course, in Nazi Germany, people who spoke up usually weren’t around long – imagine that.

Phil Amonette


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